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Doubts bubbling up in paternity


Who is his father-the breeder or the former lover of his mother? He wants to know the fact. Weather the lover committed sexual intercourse with her before marriage or her husband is the father of her baby? Secretly she wants to know it.  Whose sperm is growing in the abdomen of wife? Weather it is mine or her father’s, it is the doubt of a husband. 
After establishing Rajiv Gandhi center for bio-technology at Thiruvanandapuram, these sorts of above mentioned cases are flowing to there. Such cases point to the breach of belief and confidence spreading in modern families.  When the dispute arrived in couples in the matter of paternity of their children, they had to go to Hyderabad for ‘Litmus test’ and ‘DNA test’.  But today, this facility is also available in Thiruvandram.  It is very helpful in finding criminals in the cases of rape.  If some one is ready to spend 30,000 rupees, it is very easy to find out the real father of the baby by testing the blood of baby, mother and the accused.  If the ‘DNA mark’ of the accused is found in the baby, then he is the father that baby. 
 If some one calls other ‘the Father less’, then the heard will be got to the anger (No one calls other ‘the mother less’).  Having a good father is being considered for centuries as a symbol of noble descent. No husband can adjust with his wife, when he makes out that her belly bears an illegitimate child.  It is the refusal of his maleness.  On the basis of this secret nature of paternity many works have been woven very dramatically.  Paternity is inclined to think as a result of some mental illnesses like suspicions.  These increasing suspicions point out to the breach of belief in Kerala families. 
‘Paternity tests’ are helpful to a great extend to rescue families from destructions convincing the reality of adultery in the cases of rape and improper relationships.  But hundreds of cases directed to Rajiv Gandhi centre for bio-technology are like glass-panes which case to reflect the disruptions of a diseased society.  Cases reach here are almost suggested by police, family courts and woman commission.  Unknown incidents in addition to these are more. 
Why does this type of incidents occur? Studies indicate that sexual relationships are increasing among bachelors and unmarried couples. When the interchanging capitalist culture prevails among couples, the western culture allows man and woman live together without marriage and free friendship and female trades become some tendencies spreading in a diseased society like epidemics; how will the staunch bond of families exist for long here?

We haven’t heard yet the news about women who support the whoredom of their husbands and about husbands who share the virginity of their wives with friends.  But today, we have to consent some realities that the couples separated before the completion of honeymoon and the females faced sexual assualts from their own houses itself and so on. Without releasing the masks of fake morality, our families cannot escape from the breach of mutual belief.  Most of the times, we are unable to respond realizing the role of mass media in making family atmosphere very turbid and dark.  Above all, we don’t understand that the wheels of family move forward in the conductivity of love and mutual belief.

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