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About Us

  img_article MuslimPath.com is a humble effort to spread and propagate the right path of Islam all over the world. We are a group of Muslim youth inspired by the Quranic verse : "Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: they are the ones to attain felicity", and the prophetic words : "You should make avail out of me, even though that is the weigh of an atom." To avail truth to whom that is not reached and to invite people to Islam are tightly tied obligation of us all. A believer's tongue, his pen and his finger tips are weapon to him. To resist with upright ideas against the malicious accusations and false propaganda that are increasing on cyber zone, against Islam; to open path to the propagation of Islam and to facilitate the destruction of unreality; to clear ignorance and misunderstanding by availing genuine ideas of true religion. These are some of our aims.  
The enemies of Islam, and those who are inside Islam by name, opening sub folders in the great portals; or opening their own portals, are continuously spreading false ideas among unblemished people. Before 3 years, we founded an E- Da'wa cell as a remedy to this difficult situation to an extent. Being a member in many Internet clubs, we are trying to make avail the Islamic ideas to learned-brothers and are trying at our level best to settle their doubts.

We expect all kinds of helps and advices from people at large to uplift this bilingual (Malayalam and English)Internet Portal www.MuslimPath.com as a quick reference library which creates an active on-line participation and facilitates everything at the finger tips of those who are in search of true path.

To distribute of cassettes and CDs which help to understand Islam and its cherished values truly; and to publish such kinds of Malayalam books translating into English, are in the active consideration of this cell. This web site is sponsored by Samastha Kerala Sunni Yuvajana Sangam,(SYS) which presents superior services in the propagation of Islamic views and ideologies throughout the world; and attempts to answer to the calls of the world.