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  img_article During the of crisis or misfortune, we will become conscious of our servitude to Allah and may take prayers at most sincerity and devotion. on the contrary, while the prosperous state of our life forget to dedicate our duty to the Almighty. "Of mankind is he who saith: we believe in Allah, but, if he be made to suffer for the sake of Allah, he mistaketh the persecution of mankind for Allah's punishment; and then, if victory cometh from thy lord, will say: Lo! We were with you (all the while). Is not Allah best aware of what is in the bosoms of (His) creatures? (Qura'n)
'It is only the Devil who would make (men) fear his partisans. Fear them not; fear Me, if ye are true believes.'
  In performing of our duty to Allah, we are often dangerously irresponsible. The Devil will not allow us to offer duties to God in a receivable manner. But we have to take a deliberate effort to escape from the clutches of the Devil.Read more  
Thaqwa: makes our heart more illustrious
There is no importance to ones colour, creed and breed in Islam to decide positions in society. Allah says: 'O, mankind, Lo! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the best in conduct. Allah is knower and aware'. The position is accounted for one according to his Thaqwa. This word has a distinct meaning in the terminology of Islam other than the linguistic in which it is meant forbearance, fear and abstinence. Imam Navavi (May Allah Mercy upon him) says: Thaqwa is to obey His orders and to keep distance from His prohibitions.
Thaqwa is pinnacle state of one's heart, which keeps him conscious of Allah's presence, and it persuade him to perform virtues and abandon the evils. Thaqwa is the shield against Allah's anger and punishment, and that shield is to obey his commandments and abstain from his punishments. Read more
Love is a bitter pill to an insincere mind
Often, we see people who are trying to convince their sincerity, or trying to expose others insincerity. We are all in a way or the other knows it. What is this 'sincerity'? The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines: 'The state of being the same in reality as in appearance.' A simple definition. But it is not so simple, as it is said to be sincere. Even in exposing love to our beloved ones, can we be sincere as others think of? Don't there a slight confession in the heart of you?

So, if your consciousness tells you to seek the sincerity (ikh' las), then shut off greed from you and starve with the weapon of despair. Then abandon the love of being praised, as some abandon spiritual world for this
world. If you are successful in your effort, sincerity will be at the reach of your threshold. Read more
  Read more  
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