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Remember, I am not an angle But a woman!


Zahira committed suicide although her religion is against this vicious action. Here, her religion advises her that ‘never gives up on hope in any rough situation’. Nevertheless, she did it. Who prompted her to commit this? What would be the temptation behind it-the torture of dowry or the dipsomania of her husband? But, sadly enough, none of these was the cause.
Rasheed, the husband of Zahira, went abroad after they got a child.  Afterwards, Zahira lived in the house of her husband.  Her father in law was a reputed one in society.  He had performed Hajj once. As a father in law, he must consider his daughter in law as his own daughter. Ironically enough, he approached her with an ardent desire. Thus, she came to understand that he was not a father, but a devil.  When she lost patience she wrote to husband, “Please, come and save my life!” Soon he sent his reply.  ‘I will come soon.  Let us have a solution for everything and stay in your house up to that time. 
As it was mentioned in the letter, Zahira went her house.  When Rasheed (Name of characters are changed) returned from abroad, she was there in airport to welcome him. Though he ordered her to reach there, he was not ready to bring her back to his house.  He cheated her even if he had promised her, when they departed from the airport; that he would bring her within two days. Her suicide might be the result of severe disappointment originated from her agonizing waiting. 
A magistrate court declared an order to detain her father in law with the fine of fifty thousand rupee as well as her husband. 
This cannot be left as an isolated incident. Girls are victimized for sexual harassment even from their own fathers. We never know some terrible stories that not even be appeared before the court. Its hardness and seriousness must be trespassed the boundary when such like devilish action would be happened from a devotee as in the above case. It would be more shameful when we think that the heart-renting picture of a mother, who ran between Safa and Marva for seeking a drop of water for her thirsty baby, didn’t make any change in the cruel heart of that father who performed haj once.  Some customs which don’t contain the spirit and value of religion is very visible in this incident. 
This judgment uncovers that prompting someone to commit suicide is a serious matter like murder.  In this type of incidents, women are victimized to a great extend. The stupid behavior, from the parts of intoxicated husbands and tormenting members of the husband’s house on the name of dowry, lead them to suicide. Sexual attacks and isolation she gets from her family is also significant. 
According to Norka (Non resident Keralites affair department), around 1.6 million of Malayalees have been working in Gulf countries for years.  Most of them have fewer earnings.  Not only this but also they are not competent enough to accommodate their family with them. 
In many families, when girls attain the age of puberty, they will begin to see dream about a foreign bridegroom coming with a proposal. After keeping a long time waiting, one day the bridegroom comes with proposal.  He comes in the vacation of two months.  In which, he spent one month for proposal and then remains the next only.  Days end up when marriage and other customs exhaust.  The days of departure came to near he goes back to abroad.  He can return to his native only after two or three years.  How many persons can chat in E-mail and make phone calls at least once in a week? How long brides can control their passion enjoying letters and hearty fragrance of French perfumes?
Sweet days sprout in mind,
Embrace delightful dreams
Blossoming nights bath in mist,
Bed in the bridal chamber beckons with the hand
How will I sleep? If lie down
How sleep will come? If slept?
Seeing sweet sweet dreams will
Wake up with a shock,
And embrace pillow.
The mind distresses of separated ‘Mappila girls’ are depicted in the ‘Dubai letter songs’ of S.M Jameel, written approximately before 25 years. According to psychologists ‘Saturday Syndrome’ is the result of these wounded passions. The internet chatting, going on Fridays, tempts the alienated foreign brides to consult doctors with psychosomatic diseases (Bodily problems made of psychological causes). The hurtful insults, thrown by husbands believing rumors or suspicions in the chastity of bridegrooms, create deep wounds in their minds. Often, the Phone calls and letters coming to her might be censored.   
For a married woman husband’s house is like her own house.  But it is very dangerous when she lose what she had in the absence of her husband.  In husband’s house, girl is often compelled to meet up her husband’s brothers and other family members.  It may cause in setting fire in their passion (some exceptional cases aren’t forgotten).
The agonies of separated emigrants, who work hard in the sandy deserts of foreign countries, must not be disregarded.  They too undergo some tensions as their women faced. Even though, as a hard worker for his family, an emigrant has a preference in his family.  He should show his brave to ask even his father, when this father commits sins in his house. He should make out that his woman’s pride is in his own hands.  Silence and passiveness in these dangerous situations lead to tragedies. 
Jameel, the Mappila poet, continues “I will keep this treasure safe until death, but remember thee; I am not an angle but a woman”.  How can we blame Zahira, the most endured?!


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