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Aboobacker Sidheeque (May Allah Mercy upon him)

Aboobacker Sidheeque (May Allah Mercy upon him) was the trend of prophet from the child hood itself and he was also the first male who embraced Islam. Eminent companions of our beloved prophet (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) including Uthman bin Affan(R) came to Islam by his effort. He bought and released seven slaves from slavery. 'Bilal Al-Muadhin' who had suffered a lot only for believing in Islam was one of them. Aboobacker was called 'Sidheeque' since he believed in whatever prophet tolled him without showing any suspicion.Read more

Umer bin Khathab (May Allah Mercy upon him)
Umer (R) one of the prominent among 'Quraish' became the second caliph as per the wish of Aboobacker. Before Umer embraced Islam, prophet(PBH) had prayed Allah to strengthen Isam by the power of Umer. He was one of the main enemies of Islam. One day he came out with his sward to kill prophet. On the way, he happened to hear the sweet recitation of Qur'an from the house of his own sister. It deeply affected his mind. He went straight to prophet and embraced Islam. Thus the prayer of prophet was mate-rialized. Then he became the great saver of Islam.
Umer was an hero and his presence encouraged the Muslims to propagate Islam in pub-lic. His presence revealed the truth and untruth to public. So prophet called him 'faru-que'. Some times his opinions were
identical to 'vahy'. Prophet had once said that devil give the way to Umer (R). Read more
Utman bn Affan (May Allah Mercy upon him)
Uthman (R) was one of the prominent persons who embraced Islam in the beginning. As he believed in Islam his uncle, Hakam punished him severely. When he reached that Uthman must not be brought back he relived him from punishment. Uthman was the first who made hijra to Abyssinia with family. He married two daughters of prophet. He brought Ummu Kulthum in to his life after the death of his first wife Ruqayya. So he was called 'Dunnoorain'.(the owner of two lights) He was known for his humility and charity. He fought with prophet in all wars except Badr. At the time of Badr, prophet asked him to look after his unhealthy wife Ruqayya.
When Umer (R) was in a critical stage after he was stabbed, he nominated a six member committee and
When Umer (R) was in a critical stage after he was stabbed, he nominated a six member committee and asked them to elect one of them as the next caliph. Read more
Ali bin Abu Thalib (May Allah Mercy upon him)

Ali(R) was the son of the prophet's uncle Abûthalib and the husband of prophet's dearest daughter Fathima (R). He embraced Islam at the age of 10th and he became first child coming to Islam. Ali(R) become ready to sacrifice his life by lying in the bed of prophet while the enemies surrounded the house of prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). When prophet migrated from holy Makkah to holy Madina he entrusted Ali all 'Amanath' to give them away. Within days he did so and went to holy Madina. He fought with prophet in all wars except 'Thabuk' war. At the time of 'Thabuk' war prophet asked him to stay in holy Madina as his representative. He was well known for his bravery, scholarship and his oratory. Prophet had said that Ali would be his friend in both worlds. Read more