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                                       The holy Rabi al-Awwal made the believers excited too much. This is only by the cause that the month witnessed for the holy birth of our beloved Messenger, the mercy of the entire world (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). How can but be happy!
Oh, our beloved! You came to the world by unleashing all sorts of compassionate approaches to all the creations. Your father could not join in the pleasant moments of your family while your birth....? But... the universe is witnessed to a plenty of wonderful events during your birth blessed with the presence of stainless angles..... ! The historical books have chanted to us that Allah celebrated the holy birth of his beloved with the eventful aspects.....


Oh! Messenger! You followed a conditioned life style of good behavior, admirable conduct, honesty and son on. Accordingly, the people of Arabia, called you ‘Al – Ameen’ (the most honesty). When you were a boy of six year old, your loving mother passed away from this mortal world leaving you in isolation.... Even having a lot of grand children, your grand father showed his affection and compassion only to you, the orphan in all aspects. We could understand from the pages of history that the grandfather did so as getting a foresight on your prophethood. Read more

Prophetic love

                                       The love or affection is a phenomenon bubbling up in the depth of our minds. On the basis of this criterion, one can exchange this phenomenon with another as like the virtue, unbreakable relations and perfection. Accordingly, we may love him in return for his help. A father may shower his affection upon his handicapped child in the basis of his inevitable relation with him. We love Mahathmaji and Ambedkar only for the sake of the perfection they attained during the short span of their lives.

It is historical fact that we can’t find anyone but the Messenger of Allah winning all these factors of loving the fellow beings and being loved by them. That is why; it is incumbent upon us to bestow all our

affection only upon the prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). In fact no one can be a real believer until he prefers the Messenger to his own parents, children and all his belongings. The real love for the Prophet consists not only in the implicit obedience to his commandments but also in the display of explicit expression of love towards him. Read more
A glance on Prophet’s Biography

                                       Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) was born in holy Makkah, the famous city of Hijaz on Monday, 12th Rabi al-Awwal (21 April in the year 571 AD).

The Arabs are the descendants of Ismail son of Ibrahim (Peace be upon them). The tribe of Quraysh was considered as the noblest section of the Arabs and Hashim was a popular branch of the tribe of Quraysh. Muhammad (PBH) was born in the clan of Hashim as the son of Abdullah and Aminah.  Abdullah is the son of Abdul Muthalib.  Aminah is the daughter of Wahab, the chief of the family of Banu Zuhrah. 

When Amina conceived Muhammad …, she had an unusual dream.  She was told that the child in her womb was the best of the mankind and he was to be named Muhammad.  As a blessing of Allah, the Almighty, she did not feel any fatigue that women usually feel during pregnancy. Read more
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