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                                       Sheikh Ahmad Al Kabeer ar- Rifâi (AD1107-1183) was born on Monday in 27th day of the lunar month of Rajab 500. His birthplace was in the town of Ummu ubaydah (Hasen) in the township of Bathaeh at the Wasit province of Basra, Iraq. He passed away on Thursday, Jumada al-Awwal 12, 578 A.H. (1183 A.D.), in the town of Wasit, in Basra, Iraq.

His father was Sayyid Ali Abul Hasan and mother was Fatima al-Ansari the daughter of Yahya Najjari. His Sheikh was Ali Al Wasiti. When he was seven years old, his father passed away in 507 A.H in Baghdad and buried there. Soon after, his maternal Uncle Sheikh Mansur ar-Rabbani took him into his care and educated him.

Sheikh Ahmad Rifâi (R) memorized the holy Qur’an by the age of seven. In this year, after the demise of his father, his maternal Uncle Mansur al-Rabbani moved with his family to the region of Dikhla. There he sent his nephew to Abul Fadl Ali al-Vasiti, who was an expert in the canon law of Islam, a commentator of the holy Qur’an, and a great preacher.


He occupied all his time with obtaining religious knowledge, and indeed Allah Almighty bestowed him the knowledge. In due course, even his own teachers and the people who taught him respect learned the essence of respect when they were in his presence.. Read more

A glance to the life of Sheikh Rifâi (R)

                                       Sheikh Ahmad al Kabeer al-Rifai (May Allah Mercy upon him) is one of the prominent leaders of Muslims. ‘Rifai string of peals’ [Rifai Mala] is a poetry, which contains the praising of the renowned Rifai (R). According to the author, this poetry has composed based on many famous poems, books of Sheikh Rifai (R) and two very significant works - ‘Thanbeeh’ and ‘Sirrul Maknoon’. However, the author could depict only a little part of the Sheikh’s life. For, he agrees the act of pasteurizing the entire life of such a great scholar as a difficulty to every body except to a little extend. . Read more

Baghdad through centuries

                                       Our mind rolls back to centuries when we hear about Baghdad. It is a historical land witnessed the evolution of sciences and cultures. The sweet memories of great Islamic scholars existed around the city. It has been the capital of Islam for about 500 years. Universities like Munthasariya and Nizamiya, thousands of Islamic scholars and scientists were born here. Proclamations of Caliph Mansoor, Chitchats of Haroon Rasheed and Zubaida, philosophical thoughts of Maumoon, boisterous laughers of Hollakove, wailings of Mustha hsim and roars of Saddam Hussein are entangled in its atmosphere. Greatest Islamic Scholars of ever times like Abu Haneefa, Ahmmed Ibn Hambel and Sufi saints like Junaid,  Sariyussaqthi and Muhyiddin Abdul Qader Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon them) take their last rest here. The golden days of Arabic literature made an initial stage for the flowing of poets from here. Read more

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