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Women and Menstruation during Hajj

  img_article If a woman begins her menses cycle before, during, or after the rites of Hajj, she can complete all the ordered sequence of rites of the Hajj except the Thawaf (circumambulation) around the Sacred House in seven circuits, until she becomes clean after the end of the menses. If a woman commences her menstrual bleeding after completing the first Thawaf (Thawaaf al- Qudum), then she can complete all the remaining rites of Hajj (like the other women of Hajj), except that she must wait to become clean at the end of her menses in order to perform Thawaaf al-Ifadah (The Thawaf of the essential part of Hajj). Her Hajj is not be lost; but Hajj is valid.Allah has indeed written this for all of the daughters of Adam (A); therefore, women will experience menses. So there is no problem for women experiencing menses to  
complete all of the rites of Hajj, except the Thawaf around the House. However in case of Umrah, since it is obligatory to keep the sequence (by offering Ihram, Thawaf, Sai'e and removing hair respectively) in the rites of Umrah, If a woman begins her menses cycle before the Thawaf, she must wait for performing Umrah until she becomes clean after the end of the menses. Sa'e or other rites of Umrah are not acceptable before performing a valid Thawaf. Another case is when a woman commences her menstrual bleeding before performing the Farewell Thawaf (Thawaf al-Widaa'). Here it is not necessary for her to wait until the end of her menses, to become purified, and to perform the Thawaf al-Widaa. but she would relieve from Thawaf al-Widaa' without any penalty. She can home ward with her family before performing the farewell Thawaf.
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