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Staying at Arafath and Muzdalifa

  img_article Immediately after the sunrise of 9th Dulhijja, the pilgrim will start to flow to the Mountain of Arafath. At the valley of Namirah he would take bath and offer Duhr and Aser together in the Ibrahim Mosque. Staying Arafath is the main pillar of Hajj. The pilgrim can stay in any place of Arafath. However, it is better to stay at the big rocks, located at the bottom of Al - Rahma Mountain, and to face the Qiblah. There is no reward on climbing on the 'Mountain of Mercy'. The time of staying Arafath is begins from the declination of sun on Arafath's day (9th Dulhijja) till the dawn (fajr) of the 10th of Dulhijja. It is enough to stay only one moment at the mountain of Arafath in the specified time with complete sense.  
He should engage in repentance of his past sins and asking forgiveness from the Almighty. Tears should be rolled down on his cheeks and he should beg Allah for the acceptance of all the rites of Hajj and Umrah. The pilgrim must try his level best to waste not his time and to engage in worshipping Allah the most high. He should be aware of the value of the time.

The Sunan of Staying at Arafath:
(1) Taking bath to stay at Arafath
(2) To be clean from ritual impurity and filth
(3) Not to enter Arafath before offering Mid day prayer
(4) Imam delivering two sermons
(5) To combine the two prayers (offering Aser with Duhr)
(6) Not to take fast
(7) To keep simplicity, humbleness and sincerity
(8) To be away from disputes, cursing and indecent talk
(9) Staying at Arafath till the sunset.

Staying at Muzdalifa

After the sunset of 9th Dulhijja, the pilgrim will return from Arafath to Muzdalifa the place between Mina and Arafath. Staying a little at Muzdalifa is an obligatory duty upon the pilgrim after the midnight of 9th Dulhijja. The pilgrim, who misses the stay at Muzdalifa on the prescribed time, should slaughter an animal as penalty (fidya). Combining Maghrib (sunset) prayer with Isha' (evening) prayer as a delayed combination after he reached the Muzdalifa is better than offering it in Arafath. He should spend the night in worship, recitation, invocation (of Allah) and supplication. Taking the jimar pebbles from Muzdalifa, staying at Al-Mash'ar Al-Haram and climbing up to it if possible, hurry up in the Mohasser valley (a valley between Al-Muzdalifa and Mina) are recommended rituals.
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