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The significance of Madina Munawwara

  img_article Numerous traditions (Hadiths) regarding the sanctity, significance and excellence of Madina Thaybah have been narrated. The disaster that cause to heavy death and the disturbance of 'Dajjal' would not be happened in holy Madina. It is essential to respect and honor the people of holy Madina.
As long as the significance, sanctity and importance of Madina Munawwara are not embedded in the heart, the visitor will not be in position to correctly discharge the rights of the sacred visit to the Holy City. The visitor must constantly remind himself that he is not on a holiday tour. This is not at all an ordinary visit. He is on a holy journey and is, therefore, bound to observe all rules, respects all the etiquettes of the sacred visit.
He must not indulge in any act or discussion which despoils or detracts the sacredness and reward of the holy visit. To gain the wonderful rewards of the visit it is important that one consciously guards the heart, tongue and limps. Abstain totally from all evil, unnecessary acts and discussions.

The intention

When about to set out for the journey to Madina Thayyibah it is recommended to make an intention of visiting Rasulullah (Peace be upon him), sacred places and offering prayer in his holly Mosque.

To Madina

Along the journey to Madina Munawwara recite 'Salath' upon our beloved Messenger (BPH) in abundance. In fact, spend all available time, other than the time engaged in obligatory acts. When one nears to Madina Thaybah, and gaze first falls on the trees and buildings of it, he should increase reciting 'Salath' and supplicate to Almighty. It is best to get down from the vehicle and walk on foot, if this is possible, it is best to proceed bare-footed. If possible, take a bath before entering the City or even after having entered the City. perform ablution, Put on clean new garments and use perfume.

Inside Madina

While gaze falling on the sacred green dome, contemplate in the sanctity and nobility of Madina and in the land on which rests the blessed body of the Messenger of Allah. This is the holiest place. First of all try to enter Masjid al- Nabawi with the right foot and with utmost humility and reverence. One may enter through any entrance; it is of greater merit to enter through the entrance known as Babu Jibreel.
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