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  img_article This is the age of war-mongers. They are thrilled with unremitting war and creating peace less world. On the name of mass weapon they attacked Iraq. How many children, women and innocent people died, mutilated, raped, brutally killed and dismantled their houses by soldiers and 'peace workers'. Yet, they couldn't justify their end. They were doing the same in Afghanistan, Vietnam and other countries. Now they are chasing Iran. Won't Iran have the right to use nuclear resources for peaceful purposes? No problem if you are a friendly country
of the west. Take the case of Israel, who transgresses all limits against Palestine. Yet, poor Palestinians are blamed to be extremists. They are struggling for their life and freedom; not for conquering their neighboring country
  Nothing except colors and shapes of things would be visible to eyes. Ears are not able to hear anything other than sounds. Material things only would be tangible to the sense of touch. On the contrary, tongue is able to get easy access in to everything as it can talk about anything regardless of the subject or matters. Read more  
Backbiting allowed!

To accuse a person of guilty in his absence is an outrageous and deplorably bad behavior. If one is blaming others for no apparent reason it is just because he is immoral and uncultured. In Islamic view, talking about others, regardless of true or false matters, but they most probably do not like it, is an egregious behavior and regarded to be Haram (religiously prohibited). This kind of talking is known to be ‘Geebath' (backbiting) in both Religious and Arabic terminology. Some Holy Hadîth teach that backbiting is strictly forbidden in Islam and one who always indulges in backbiting will be punished by Allah hereafter unless he had been forgiven by them, although there are some circumstances in which backbiting is regarded to be allowable. We do need to go through these situations in more detail.

Nothing except colors and shapes of things would be visible to eyes. Ears are not able to hear anything other than sounds.Read more

Associating with injustice
Many a group of people who have lost their faith in Allah and doomsday always associate with injustice. Those who have been bewitched by the advanced facilities of this momentary world also do the same. But it is quite strange that all kinds of people even scholars make their maximum attempt to justify a known injustice. Nowadays social leaders and wealthy people are not at all hesitant to deal with any kind of violence or malpractice and to wash them with justification.
There are some other kinds of people who tend to think that other people must follow their ideas and concepts blindly. They think of them as sycophants. They try their best to establish some set of impolite rules as no one from the society should object their unfair and worse activities.
Those who go to oppose them would probably be tortured by them. These people are compelled to follow what ever their masters do because they might have experienced harassment just because they haven't followed them! Read more
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