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The places of Ihram (Miqath)

  img_article As far as 'Ihram' is concerned the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has assigned on all the four sides of holy Makkah, some distinct places where Ihram (intention to perform Hajj or Umrah) becomes obligatory for the pilgrims to holy Makkah. Linguistically Miqath means the limit. According to the Islamic law (Sharia), Miqath is a specific time or place for a specific worship. The specific time is Shawwal, Dulqa'da and ten days of Dulhijja for Hajj. There is no any particular time for Umrah but it can be done throughout the year. A pilgrim who intended to perform Hajj or Umrah is not allowed to pass over a Miqath without assuming Ihram, but it would be acceptable even before reaching the Miqath.  
Fixation of specified places for Ihram has been narrated in authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBH). Even though the Ihram at or before Miqath is obligatory only upon those who are intending to perform Hajj or Umrah, but it is desirable (Musthahabb) for those who are crossing over Miqath to go holy Makkah for some commercial purposes or in order to pay a visit to their friends or relatives in relation to the rights of Bait-Ullah, the divine home.

Mawaqith are Five:

1. Dul-Hulaifa:- For the persons arriving from the side of Madina Munawwara. It is at a distance of about 6 miles from holy Madina on the road way to holy Makkah. A mosque is situated here. The place is known as Abyar 'Ali nowadays.

2. Juhfa:- For the pilgrims arriving from the side of Syria, Egypt etc.. It is near 'Rabigh', the well known as 'Manzil' (station) on the road way to holy 'Madina'.

3. Qarn-ul-Manazil:- For those coming from the side of 'Najd'.

4. Yalamlam:- For the persons arriving from the direction of 'Yemen'. It is a hill situated at a distance of about 15 to 20 miles from seashore.

5. Dat-u-Irq:- For the persons coming from the side of Iraq.

The persons traveling on a route without passing through these places will have to enter in 'Ihram' from their entrance to holy Makkah at the points which may confront of their nearest Miqath. These 'Mawaqith' have been fixed for all those who live anywhere in the world outside the precincts of Miqath. The whole world outside the precincts of Miqath is termed to be as 'Aafaq' and its inhabitants are known by the term of 'Aafaqi'.

If you are living in holy Makkah whether you're the resident of holy Makkah or non resident, your Miqath for Hajj is holy Makkah. I.e. your residence and for Umrah is anywhere out of Haram. But more better is Ji'erranath then Than'eem and then Hudaibiyya. The Miqath of one who is staying between holy Makkah and the Miqath is his residence. The Miqath of those who are even not passing through the confront route of any above Miqath in his way to holy Makkah, is the place far away from holy Makkah about 2 Marhala.

If you pass your Miqath without Ihram, you must give penalty (fidya) by slaughtering a goat in the Haram of holy Makkah and distributing to the poor of Haram. It is permissible to make Ihram before reaching the Miqath; from the Air port or home. Be in mind that the 'hill' (i.e. out side of haram. Than'eem/Ji'erranah/ hudaibiyyah) is not at all the Miqath of non resident of holy Makkah either for Hajj or Umarh. It's the Miqath of Umrah only for the Makki (who is residing at holy Makkah permanently or temporarily.
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