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  img_article  Do humans need a religion? If so why? It is because he is a creature having visions and passions; he has the capacity to foresee things, he has the power to differentiate. This capacity helps him think and imagine. He is alive, so he is emotional. Man has been given the capacity to fulfill his thoughts and feelings.

The above said facts form the background for religion. Those who reject religion are actually rejecting man's capacity to think. That much deeply has religion been connected with human thoughts and feelings, what is religion? "Man's faith in certain defined or determined matters and his customs and practices observed accordingly can be called a religion. Faith is the result of man's application of his intelligence.
  If one, with the help of one's intelligence realizes what is true he does have faith in religion or we say that he is a believer. Faith comes first; customs and practices follow. Those who are intelligent should believe in truth and observe the practices based on that truth. What is that truth which our intelligence can not reject? 'Yes, it is the fact that there is a power which has created the whole universe and the creatures in it. Read more  
Hinduism is the main religion of India and Nepal. Does it declare anything that does not agree with our reason? Certainly it does. Sometimes, its statements completely discard our commonsense. The statement that 'the idol of Ganapathi drinks milk' is an example. Did anybody question it? None, Installation of an idol and invocation of the so called Devine force in it are common among Hindus. It is actually the installation of Devine force into an image of God. Ganapathy idol (carved in stone) is an example. Can our intelligence agree with the invocation of Devine power in a piece of rock carved in stone by man. Never. Because God is the creator. This piece of rock is also one of his creations. He has billions of other creations.
Why should he withdraw himself into a particular creation? (i.e., a piece of rock) How can it be justified? He himself created faeces and alcohols.The stone-piece of Ganapathi idol was also created by Him. If a temple priest can invoke divine spirit in this rock why can't he do the same with faeces? The priest should have the ability to do that too. Read more
Is Christianity a religion? We know that religion means the faith in the existence of the creator of the universe and practices which follow that faith. In that respect, Christianity is not a religion because they regard Jesus as the son of God and perform practices which follow that faith. Jesus was born after the creation of the universe. So, Jesus was not present to create the universe. Christianity, instead of worshipping the creator of the universe, is offering prayers to a person came after the universe. A Christian says Jesus deserves the right to receive the worships offered by the believes today, but what about his right in the case of the offerings of the people in BC years? There Christians fail to make an effective answer. There should not be any time limit for the right of being worshipped.
When Christians fail to prove that Jesus is the power which has the right to receive the prayers of all classes of people from the time of first human being till the day of Judgment, they unknowingly agree that Jesus is not the God or the power which deserves worship. So, Christianity, as it worships a centre other than the God, (Christ) cannot be called a religion. Read more
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