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  Through the chapter 'the Elephant'( Surat Al- Fil), the holy Qur'an has opened a door into the historical event of Abrahath's movement with elephant army to collapse the holy Ka'baa. Sending the birds in flocks, Allah ruined them entirely. Concerning the people of holy Makkah, it was a historical event and they started to count down their years in accordance with the Year of Elephant. (The Year of the Elephant (in Arabic, A-m al-Fil) is the name in Islamic history for the year approximately equating to 570 AD. According to Islamic tradition, it was in this year that Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) was born. The name is derived from an event said to have occurred at holy Makkah in which Abraha, the ruler of the principality of Saba' in Yemen marched upon the Kaaba with a large army, which included elephants, intending to demolish it. The year came to be known as the Year of the Elephant, beginning a trend for reckoning the years in Arabia which was used until it was replaced with the Islamic calendar during the rule of Umar (May Allah please with him). Read more  
Muharram: Holy month of Allah the Most High
Allah, he alone is the creator of entire-universe. His creations extend to earth, heaven, sun, moon, stars, all the living things like man, animal, insects... etc, all other spiritless things and so on. The time and season too was created by the Almighty. Though All his creations are in equal rank before him, he has provided something with more prominence than others concerning each one's peculiarity. The messenger (Peace and Blessing be upon him) once said about the fluctuations eras, according to their status: The noble generation is mine, the next comes nearer to them and the next is nearer to them (Bukhari, Muslim). The variations of some month, and days in status and value can be seen in the pages of Qur'an and Hadīth. As the holy birthday of prophet (PBH) taking place on here, Rabeeul Avval (the third month of Hijri) possessed the most virtuous position as like the Ramadan the 9th month of Hijri on which the Qur'an was sent down and is the month of salvation. . Read more
The astonishing events on the tenth day of Muharram
A plenty of prominent events that took place or to be happened in the historical platform of universe, can be seen at a number of historical books. The followings are some of them Read more
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