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Walking in between Safa and Marwa

  img_article Sa'e is one of the pillars of Hajj and Umrah. Performing it after Thawaf Al - Qudoum is better than performing after the Thawaf Al - Ifada which is one of the pillar of Hajj. However there is no any sin in delaying it until the pilgrim performs his Thawaf al Ifada  
The conditions of sa'e :
(1) it should be preceded by a valid Thawaf
(2), to assure seven runs. Going to Al-Marwa is considered as one round and coming back from Al-Marwa to As-Safa is considered as another round. Thus, the pilgrim begins with As-Safa and ends with Al-Marwa.
(3) To cross all the distance between As-Safa and Al-Marwa. Hence, if there is one step left, the sa'e would be invalid.
(4) To begin with As-Safa and ends with Al-Marwa. If the pilgrim began with Al-Marwa and ended with As-Safa, this going would be invalid.

The sunan (desirable actions) of Sai'e
(1) Going through 'Safa door' to the Hill of As-Safa.
(2) To perform saie immediately after the Thawaf and on consecutive rounds.
(3) To be clean from impurity
(4) To walk and not ride if he can able to walk.
(5) Men climbing up to the mountains of As-Safa and Al-Marwa until he can see the holy Ka'ba.
(6) To invoke and glorify the God.
(7) Men running in the midst of the sa'e between the two green milestones.
On the eight of Dul Hijja (the day of Tharwiya) the pilgrims will rush off to Mina to stay at Mina on the night of 9th Dulhijja. This staying is recommended upon every pilgrim for mental preparation to stay at Arafath on 9th Dulhija. During this staying of Mina the pilgrim should take interest to perform 5 obligatory prayers (Duhr, Aser, Maghrib, Isha and the Subh of 9th Dulhijja) in the Masjid Al- Khaif. He should engage in repentance of his past sins and asking forgiveness from the Almighty. Tears should be rolled down on his cheeks and he should beg Allah for the acceptance of all the rites of Hajj and Umrah.
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