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  img_article Islam has successfully brought the liberation of women from all the manacles. Islam not only supports the objectives of equality, development and peace for women but strongly promotes and stands for these rights. However, its approach towards the achievements of these objectives is holistic, not fragmentary. The Qur'an, the final and eternal guide of the mankind, makes it very clear that man and woman are two physical forms of the same soul. God declares in the very opening verse of the suitably entitled chapter Al-Nisa (Women): O men! Fear you Lord, Who created you from a single being and out of it created its mate; and out of the two spread many men and women. Fear Allah in Whose name you plead for rights, and heed the ties of kinship. Surely, Allah is ever watched over you (4:1).  
  This divine declaration has spelled an end to the discrimination against women in that the whole mankind is the offspring of a single human soul. Originally everyone has the same descent . Read more  
Family life in Islam

Islam holds that the real empowerment of woman is possible only through recognizing her balancing role and through utilizing appropriately her ability for the betterment of the whole society without damaging its moral and social fabric. Islam  suggests an ideal combination of freedom and security that women should seek and which is in the best interest of society.
While there is presently prevalent rethinking on the role and status of women, it would be most appropriate  to consider, without any partiality or prejudice, the Islamic point of view which has brought about the formation of healthy, happy and stable societies in vast areas of the world in the last fourteen centuries.


This issue is fore grounded in the role and status assigned to family in the Islamic scheme of things. It is the basis of the entire socio- cultural structure and a self-sustaining mechanism to ensure social, ideological and cultural stability. Read more

Marriage: The prime step of a structured family system

Social and family structures throughout the world have been crumbled down in to pieces and virtually a social anarchy prevails everywhere. Family structures and values have entirely ruined in the West and the sanctity of family and social relations have almost disappeared. But now, it is extremely painstaking that a community that had once shown the most successful culture and civilization to the world is now attempting to cope with western culture and thus the Islamic culture and values become unidentified even among Muslim countries. 

Islam stands for bringing peace among minds, values among cultures, healthy relations among families and exceptional qualities among communities.


The basic tenet of Islamic Family System is to build harmonious life between wife and her husband and it remains to be rationale in order to help community get rid of most of the sins that men get in to very frequently if they lack proper life Read more

  Read more  
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