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Isra': a Scientific Analysis

                                       The Isra' was an historical event explained immensely in the holy Quran. The journey was really a physical one and not a dreamy or spiritual. The verses of holy Quran reveal this fact: Glorified be He (Allah) Who carried His servant by night from Al- Masjid Al- Haram (in holy Makkah) to Al- Masjid Al- Aqsa (in Jerusalem), the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-hearing, All-Seeing (H.Q 17/1). If it is a mere journey in one's dream, how will be it qualified for the statement of holy verses? For, most of us might be experienced such a dream. As for the word ‘Subhana', the Quranic style is to use the word only for expressing an extraordinary event. Habitually, the word would be applied for any astonishment. But it isn't an astonishing matter that to travel about 1,000 kms through one's dream. Accordingly, the word ‘Subhana' never used for referring such a travel.

The journey, stated in the holy Quran, was happened after the messenger's prophet hood. Al Hathami sufi comments:  about 30 times, Isra had taken place in the life of the messenger (Peace and Blessing be upon him). There are some reports to support the argument that the Isra' happened before his Prophethood. So, here is a possibility to be the thirty journeys other than the one as mere dreamy without any physical touch. The Prophet (PBH) once said the beginning of Prophethood was by some true dreams. In addition, the real and physical Isra' and Mi'raj took place on the Prophet's 52nd age on 27th of   Rajab.


The beginning of his journey
On that night, the Prophet (PBH) was in the house of Ummu Hani'(May Allah please with her) at Shi'b Abu thalib (Street Abu Thalib). Often, He would consider this house as his own house. Ummu hani' (R) was the daughter of Abu thalib. In the Hadiths depicting the Isra', some reports claim that it was from his own house. Some claim from the house of Ummu hani' (R). Even though, the above mentioned joins together the two reports more wisely. Read more

Jama'ath in the Baith Al Muquaddas

                                      The congregational prayer is a suitable feast to treat both deceased and the living people.  It was held in the sacred Quds in the leadership of the Prophet (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). He (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) had prayer and fast even before it were being made mandatory. When Prophet Isa (Blessing of Allah be upon him) farced to introduce himself to the people from his cradle, he said, Allah has enjoined on me Salah (Prayer) and Zakath as long as I live. The Almighty Allah ordered theProphet Ibrahim (A) to clean his house for those performing the bowing (Rukoo') and prostration (Sujood). The prayer was a custom which existed in our ancestral prophets too.  Prophet (PBH) had attained the capacity to lead the prayer even before the five obligatory prayers. 
It is evident from some Hadith that Prophet (PBH) landed in certain famous places like Madyan, Madeena, The Sinai Mountain, Baith Lahem and preformed prayers according to the instruction of his guide. Jibril (A), the guide, had the knowledge about every historically significant place. So, he explained the Prophet (PBH) the picture of all landmarks lying in the midst of holy Quds and Makkha since the pre-historical age.. . Read more

Scientific view of Mi'raj

                                      In accordance with the command of Allah Almighty, Jibreel (Peace be upon him) the guide tested the visitor, Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him), to know his maturity after performing the prayer in Baithul Muqaddas.  Jibreel (A) brought two cups of milk and toddy. Prophet (PBH) was very thirsty because of his long nocturnal journey with Buraque who traveled through the earth and atmosphere like a launched missile. The journey may cause to diminish the watery of his body.  The test is that which will he select the cups. He selected the cup of milk self persuasively.  Soon the guide commented: “You selected the Islamic maturity”. It is true that paralyzing mind is not suitable to the Islamic maturity.  The torment of mind and body can be seen only in immature theology.
Above all, the travelers have an important lesson in this selection. We should never neglect the maturity, even if we often get difficult to keep religion routine amidst our journey. We should be pious in planes, lodges, conference halls, feasts, and reception hall. While we might be treaded by toddy, pork and meat slaughtered by non-Muslims, we should never touch it. We should remember such feast treated by airhostess and so on leads us to the hell. If we are subjected to this treatment in any moment we will become immature. . Read more

More than one body for the virtuous people

                                       Do the virtuous people need more than one body to present in various places? It is not mandatory. But it can be done by moving one body in a microsecond speed. It is by moving at light speed, Munkar and Nakeer (May Allah Bless them), who were created by light, reach in various grave at the same time. It may because of the exceeding power of light by which they have created. If a thing is moved at a microsecond speed it may be felt as reaching every place to where it is moved.  It is the picture of multiple firebrands rotating in a round that we get when a single firebrand is rotated.  It is because of its capability to reach every part of the round in a lighting speed.  Read more


Mi'raj: a Physical Journey


                                       The holy Mi'raJ and the confrontation of Prophets were not by soul but a physical process. The description of leaning on Baitul-M'amoor testifies this fact. It is a commonly known fact that the soul cannot lean to somewhere. There was Prophet Adam (May Allah Blessed with him) weeping for his children. How a soul weeps? The Prophet (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) says: “I saw Prophet Moosa (May Allah Blessed with him) in the night of Isra performing prayer in his tomb. How soul performs prayer that consist of standing and prostration.
Why did the eight Prophets, mentioned in the Hadith, take over the responsibility of leading the reception ceremony? What was the intention behind it? Was it an accidental one? Never, it is not an accidental one.
In the first heaven, there was Adam (A) prepared to welcome his beloved son. There is a point in which both Prophet Adam and Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessing be upon them) are connected together..   Read more


The Prophets' bodies will not be decayed


                                       The earth has not right to consume the holly dead bodies of Prophets exhumed in graves. “Certainly, Allah has forbidden the earth on holly dead bodies of Prophets (Abu Davood). It means that the earth cannot do this. In this world itself many mummies are kept through the embalming. For instance, the dead body of Lenin is kept so. A lot of fossils are there in the underworld without smearing any fluid. They too are discovered remaining decomposed. We believe that one hundred and twenty-four thousands holy bodies are kept in the underworld without any decay.
What a holy body decays in soil means that this body become the manure (the fertilizer). When the insects eat the dead body of a man, the body is changed as their cells. It becomes even the dung of the insects. Allah respects the Prophets. What the Prophets' bodies decay means that the bodies become the fertilizer to the trees growing beside the graves...   Read more


The Prophet meets with Allah


                                       Ibn Abbas (May Allah pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) saw the Almighty during their conversation. It can be seen in a Hadith that the Prophet (PBH) says: “I saw my Lord.” If saw or not, the conversation might be happened. The Prophet Moosa (A) has not managed to see Allah during talking with and when he had being exhibited a narrow beam of light knocked unconsciously. In the state of unconscious the conversation would be stopped. There for Allah may has take the hurdle away for the beloved. As Moosa (A) wished to see Allah, he did not shut the hopes door down before him brutally, but considered warmly. If Allah, the most benevolent and allowed the prophet to enter in Sidrathul Munthaha how the cannot help show himself in front of most beloved even though the prophet had not ask to, especially if Jibreel has survived with prophet. The law by version (103 An'am) is not belonging to Heaven. “Verily, you would perceive your lord as like as you see the moon in a full moon night.” It will do in heaven too, but these are some weakness to our eyes. Moon has is seen small, ‘Miraj' seemed such us water, bulb that lit is twinkling several times in a moment and still it reflects in eyes. The time the men placed at Mahshar the power to see will be increased. Quran says. This power will be more increased once in heaven. Then if Allah give this power to the prophet who entered in ‘Sidrathul Munthaha' the obstacle will be solved.   Read more


Through the Super-space lonely


                                       The guide, Jibreel (A), escorting the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) until the Lote tree(Sidrathul Munthaha), bide farewell to him. He also participated along with the Prophet(PBH) in the calibrations which the Almighty prepared to him near the Sidrathul Munthaha. Jibril (A) was in his official dress for this unction. Almighty Allah himself describes this function “And indeed he (Muhammad (PBH) saw him (Jibreel) at a second descend. Near the Lot tree (A Lote tree of the utmost boundary over the seventh heaven beyond which none can pass). When that covered the Lote tree which did cover it! The sight turned not aside, nor it transgressed beyond the limit. Indeed he did see the greatest sights of his Lord.” (Sura AnNajm; 53:13-18). It was at his second times that Prophet (PBH) saw Jibreel (A) in his full appearance. Oh! What a beauty! He had six hundred feathers and pearls and gems where dropping from them. He was appeared before a curtain which covered the horizon fully. Such a glowing beauty is hard to perceive by a common man. But the Prophet (PBH), whose heart being washed many times by Zamzam Water, saw this beauty without any difficult. The last part of the above mentioned holy verse indicates to this fact. Thus Allah completed his promise as described in the Surath Isra : 'to show him from our ayath' (Isra).   Read more