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  img_article  Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) owns the unique personality, which is inevitable for a leader. To make preceptorial works effective, it is essential to have stainless personality. The preceptor must be possessed an indomitable heart and a self competency to confront anything. Allah has undertaken even the body-protection of our Prophet (PBH).The Qur'an says 'Allah will protect you from the people'. Sayyidath Aysha Siddiqha (May Allah Mercy upon her) reported that when this verse was revealed to the Prophet (PBH) abandoned all the security guards around him.
Preceptors have here a good lesson. On executing their mission Qur'an gives them spiritual courage to confront with critical junctures.
  Even though the entire world arrayed shoulder to shoulder against them, the awarenessof Allah's presence with them will add courage in them. This was proved in the life of the Prophet (PBH). The aborigine, who drew his sword out to kill the Prophet (PBH) in that secluded territory, couldn't kill the Prophet (PBH). The question, 'who would protect you?' now needs to take merely conventional. But the response of the Prophet (PBH) was majestic. Read more  
The Messenger : The protected from all stains
Birth onwards the our beloved Prophet (PBH) is different from us in all matters. The hyperbole in the question "Isn't he a man?" may be convinced to us with that. The deities falling invertible and such are not happening in an ordinary birth. The entire celestial world had been celebrating the birth day of our Prophet (PBH).Allah has undertaken the security of the Prophet (PBH) in all respect. Qur'an says "Allah will protect you from the people, patiently wait, till you get the decision of your creator. Allah says in another verse that "You are under our observation". Here Allah has undertaken the physical protection of our Prophet (PBH).
It is an inevitability too; the person who engaged in the consummation of the mission should not die
before completing it, especially, being last one in that series. Another fact should be read here is that; this personality. should be exempted for sin. How can be it possible to discriminate good and bad if the intellectual, who was presented to be the model to all, until the day of destruction, stained with sin! Read more
The Mission of Prophet (PBUH)
What the Prophet's mission is very clear from his own words: "I am appointed to bring perfection to the noble qualities". The implication by the qualities is human characteristics. It is a state of characteristics that are steadfast with human being. The appearance of qualities from man as an inspiration of goodness and exposure of right path are said to be good nature and good character. And the appearance of qualities as an impulsiveness and demonstrations of evil are said to be bad character and bad nature. Naturally, both are assembled in human beings. All enjoy the proportionate influence of good and bad. But some take the lead of virtue and other vice. Only the Prophet is an exception from it.Life's conditions, the state of man's belief, mental, social, economical, circumstantial, cultural standard,educational and imaginary states and characteristics, familial situation, rituals, habits have exerted influence on man, and according to which man is getting reformed.
"Mankind, in total, come to light matured enough to absorb the natural values. It is his parents who make him Jewish, or Christian, and fire worshipers"-The Prophet's word teaches the idea. Chances play an important role in facing success and failure. . Read more
  Read more  
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