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  img_article  The very first word by which Quranic revelation is started is 'Iqra' which means read. The first tool that mentioned is pen. Who said this powerful comment of reading? Was it a principal of renowned college after his retirement? Was it a famous scientist after any memorable achievement? Was it a well known philosopher after having promoted in to any greater position?
Nay! It was an illiterate! He ordered so after having visited a cave. It was in a mountain called 'Jabalunnoor. Where the Jibril (A) came and asked him to read, he informed about his illiteracy. When the angel repeated his comment, he replayed the same. The comment came thrice and so was the reply. Then it was revealed. "Read in the name of your Lord, He created the man from 'Alaqa (clot). Read. Your lord is most generous he taught with pen".
  History records how the irresistible strength of the command 'read' had changed the Arab people, Prophet (Peace be upon him) taught his followers to gain knowledge as the compulsory responsibility of each Muslim and asked them to gain knowledge even by going to China. The condition that he placed to free the prisoners of war was that at least ten of the followers. Read more  
Cloning and Holy Qur'an
The discoveries of modern science is underlining the matters which the holy Quran had proclaimed 1400 years ago. Dr. Balakrishnan writes in the books "Heredity and Cloning", published by Kerala Language Institute in 1999: "Everybody knows the common way of re-production and growth. But even scientists were ignorants of the fact that both man and woman have equal share in the sexual reproduction"
Till recent years science kept on saying that human beings were created only from male sperms. The Quran has taught 1400 years before, that both male and female have roles in the root cell of the infant. Revealing the new scientific truth that the offspring is born from the zygote created out of the joining of ovum and sperm.
Holy Qur'an says: Indeed, we have created man from 'Nuthfathun Amshaj' in order to him. Thus we made him able to hear and see."What does 'Nuthfathun Amshaj' mean? Nutfathun Amshaj is the liquid mixture of both ovum and sperm. This is the meaning given by famous interpretators of the holy Quran such as Ikrima, Mujahid, Hasan, Rabee' . Read more
The Holy Qura'n and Geography
The Holy Qur'an acquainted Muslims with the pristine beauty of the mountains, valleys, deserts, woods, oceans, streams, and a variety of winds. This was the reason why Muslim intellectuals were allured to the discipline of geography, as it was Qur'an's exhortations that drew them to Astronomy. Both these disciplines have played a pivotal role in the remarkable expansion of Islamic civilization.
Travel, passion for which is an ingredient of Arab blood, is another major topic of discussion in the Holy Scriptures. As an essential driving force of humanity's existence, the urge for travel and migration has much to do with the genesis and expansion of geography.
The Holy Qura'n reflects on how winter and summer constitute the best of climes for a trip: "For the familiarity of the Quraish, their familiarity with the journeys by winter and summer, let them worship the Lord of this house who provides them with food against hunger and security against fear (of danger)" (chapter : 106).. Read more
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