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Remember, I am not an angle But a woman!

Zahira committed suicide although her religion is against this vicious action. Here, her religion advises her that ‘never gives up on hope in any rough situation’. Nevertheless, she did it. Who prompted her to commit this? What would be the temptation behind it-the torture of dowry or the dipsomania of her husband? But, sadly enough, none of these was the cause.

Rasheed, the husband of Zahira, went abroad after they got a child.  Afterwards, Zahira lived in the house of her husband. Read more

The consent for prostitution
Marriage is a social agreement which lets a man and a woman live together. When one commits sexual relationship beside conjugal relationship, it would be come under prostitution. A woman, who hires out for an instantaneous sexual intercourse, is called a prostitute as one, who cohabits with a man for a longtime without being married, is called a concubine. In a nut shell, when one country allows such a relation, then it means that this country gives permission for prostitution. A Judgment, announced recently by Alahabad high court, questions this sacred institution of the society.
This judgment was announced by Division bunch in the basis of considering the appeal of Payalsharma, a woman from Uttar Prathesh. The court justified this action interpreting morality and law as two different
concepts. Not only this but also court suggested to provide police protection to her as for rising the threat from some corners.Read more

Doubts bubbling up in paternity

Who is his father-the breeder or the former lover of his mother? He wants to know the fact. Weather the lover committed sexual intercourse with her before marriage or her husband is the father of her baby? Secretly she wants to know it.  Whose sperm is growing in the abdomen of wife? Weather it is mine or her father’s, it is the doubt of a husband.After establishing Rajiv Gandhi center for bio-technology at Thiruvanandapuram, these sorts of above mentioned cases are flowing to there. Such cases point to the breach of belief and confidence spreading in modern families.  When the dispute arrived in couples in the matter of paternity of their children, they had to go to Hyderabad for ‘Litmus test’ and ‘DNA test’.  But
today, this facility is also available in Thiruvandram.  It is very helpful in finding criminals in the cases of rape
.If some one is ready to spend 30,000 rupees, it is very easy to find out the real father of the baby by testing the blood of baby, mother and the accused.If the ‘DNA mark’ of the accused is found in the baby, then he is the father that baby.  . Read more
Unfruitful Trees

“Why I want to be sorrowful for lacking of an offspring to address me as mother, when there is need to examine this magnificent status by postmortem between social mother, biological mother, legal mother and surrogate mother?” This monologue of a teacher named Anitha Devan who has been deceived because of her final attempt for artificial pregnancy after her long nine years of expectancy for the realization of her eagerness to get a child from her own blood, once again inspire us to think about the magnificent status of motherhood.  Her written experience with which she began her conflict of law against the ‘Simar sterility remedial centre’ at Edappal accusing that they made her pregnant using the scrotum of a woman without her knowledge of permission. Read more