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The consent for prostitution


Marriage is a social agreement which lets a man and a woman live together. When one commits sexual relationship beside conjugal relationship, it would be come under prostitution. A woman, who hires out for an instantaneous sexual intercourse, is called a prostitute as one, who cohabits with a man for a longtime without being married, is called a concubine. In a nut shell, when one country allows such a relation, then it means that this country gives permission for prostitution.  A Judgment, announced recently by Alahabad high court, questions this sacred institution of the society.  This judgment was announced by Division bunch in the basis of considering the appeal of Payalsharma, a woman from Uttar Prathesh. The court justified this action interpreting morality and law as two different concepts.  Not only this but also court suggested to provide police protection to her as for rising the threat from some corners.
It says us how we get change as an open society imitating western countries.  Even the homosexuals have also got legal support to lead a wicked life there.  This life among homosexuals is described as ‘friendship marriage’. Some judges have lost their profession for supporting this relationship. 
Marriage is the basement of the family, a social institution.  It is a long term deal.  Each and every men and women, who take part in this deal, have some duties and responsibilities.  When those rules are disregarded, the society has a responsibility to correct and put it to right channels. In addition to the rules and regulations of the religion, the civil laws also give a social concern for marriage.  Even in civil laws, the witness is compulsory for marriage.  But according to Hindu Gandarwa mythology, it is not needed.  Such type of marriages, which might be performed either in front of a Hindu idle or by adorning a garland, has the strength of mutual trust only.  It might be broken at any moment
The sexual relationship isn’t a main intention behind the marital life. But, it is only an attractive factor in it.  God itself has created man and woman as couples.  The sex appeal in both is for exchanging each other. For, it is basement of the generation. Hence, that to be bachelor in life is strongly criticized. Verily, the entertainment, obtaining from sexual relationship, is one of the extreme joys of life. The marriage is a legal permission which allows them to follow this joy.  But this must be under control.  Otherwise, our life might be equal for a wild life. 
In a systematic married life, some values beyond sexual relationship are preferred.  The love among the couples is the prominent part of their relation. This affection long lasts into their children and the children’s children and like this, it goes. The duties as well as rights and happy as well as sorrow come under the concern of marriage. The human interest for sharing these emotions raises the prominence of marriage and family. In spite of limits and flaws, these sublime institutions exist in society even after centuries. 
TeenPol-sarth, the renowned Novelist, and Simoun De Buvey, the feminist, had lived together for long without being married and they described this relationship as an ‘intellectual friendship’. Such relations are very common in western people. It is crystal clear that there is only short life for even their legal relationships.  Every week, the husband finds other wife and vise versa in west as changing of dresses. This culture isn’t allowed at any level, even though it is possible biologically. The morality is needed for the existence of unblemished relations between the social beings. When this morality is driven out, the laws don’t have any prominence in the society.
The man and woman, who lived together without being married, needn’t to think of divorce and family courts if they have any problem. But, here are some questions:  who will undertake the responsibility of feeding and protecting the children of such parents? How can their linage be determined? There is no one to answer these questions. If the legislative assembly is unable to enforce resisting laws against the people mentioned, then what is the logic in implicating laws against the prostitution taking place in hotels and entertaining centers only?! The Judgment of Alahabad court raises many questions like this. The seeds of such life style have been sown even in Kerala. Some recent TV interviews between such unmarried couples indicate to this wicked culture. Thus, Kerala seems to shift as an open society. 

Individualism resulted by Globalization stands for extreme pleasure in material life.  But unconditioned pleasure of life is only a myth.  If any seed of cancer and AIDS affect one cell of the body that will be enough for every pleasure to be broken.  Experiencing life through ups and downs is a must. All other things are mere illusions.

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