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Unfruitful Trees


“Why I want to be sorrowful for lacking of an offspring to address me as mother, when there is need to examine this magnificent status by postmortem between social mother, biological mother, legal mother and surrogate mother?”
This monologue of a teacher named Anitha Devan who has been deceived because of her final attempt for artificial pregnancy after her long nine years of expectancy for the realization of her eagerness to get a child from her own blood, once again inspire us to think about the magnificent status of motherhood.  Her written experience with which she began her conflict of law against the ‘Simar sterility remedial centre’ at Edappal accusing that they made her pregnant using the scrotum of a woman without her knowledge of permission.  It is very pathetic and surely it will hurt the heart of anybody. 
Anitha came into this clinic having international standard, post-modern treatment facilities (as they claimed) with her husband, a lawyer, after the failure of two times laparoscopy, ICU and ART treatments within two years.  Here she has undergone for the post modern therapy named ICSI which coasted about two hundred thousand Indian rupees. ICSI refers to the abbreviation of Intra Cymo-plasmic Sperm Injection which is known as the final word to masculine sterility.  As per this treatment taking out the ovum from the scrotum of a woman through pick up.  Then purified and separated masculine sperm inserts through a narrow needle with the help of micromanipulator.  After that the fetus which is keeping in incubator invests in a matrix. 
Anitha underwent for ICSI two times within two or three months. Then scanning, Anesthesia, Hormone injections, embryo transfer and after her long expectancy, the awareness of becoming a mother trembled her very much. But it didn’t long last. She says that, the doctor in ‘Simar’ removed one of the fetuses growing in her matrix without even her own knowledge. When she sheltered in another hospital at Thrissur with compelled discharge after a major surgery in Simar, she knew that there is infection in her ovary.  Organs including kidneys become enactive. The scanning resulted that her child is having a disease named Hydro sefalus.  In a cute inspection ran by expert revealed exciting facts. He pointed out the severe genetic defects the child has. The fact they recognized that no one in Anitha’s and Jayadevan’s family having genetic defects, persuaded them to do a high costing chromosome study.  With which they have done DNA test too. In this test, they knew the startling fact that along with her own scrotum, they have used that of another woman. 
In a reply sent back to Anitha for her legal notice, unit director of simar K.K. Gopinadhan agrees with the using of another woman’s scrotum.  He says that every thing they have done were with the permission of Anitha and he consents, it is their fault that they got nothing as consent written by Anitha. 
“I understand when I know ‘mother’ is a mere word which should be recognized through DNA test. My eight years spent in foot paths of hospitals, forfeited wealth, lost health, pains suffered… every thing was sheer nonsense”.  These words from Anitha suggested to the diminishing values and loyalty of our therapeutics. 
Durga- the first test tube child was given birth on 3rd October 1978.  Now she is in her 26th age.  As per this system, mingle a man’s sperm and woman’s scrotum in a test tube and it invest in matrix.  This artificial fertilization became great console for lacks of childless married couples grieving about their childlessness.  Even in Kerala itself.  Came 300s of ART clinics, 3 or 4 fertility centers per every district, laparoscopy, IVF, IUA, PGC, ICSI… etc. 
With enough expectation, couple approached sterility averting centers and clinics, especially women.  Every one of them came with great eagerness. In various stages of their journey to mother hood there is a genetic clock warm with ringing of bell.  When she knows the sweet pains of her first menses, the clock announces her that you are menstruated.  Then you can become mother.  That is the goal post of the life. 
The mere usage ‘menstruate’ is how meaningful! This suggests breezy bloom of life. Lacks of premature scrotum cells in matrix perishes at her girlhood.  The only one come out of the nest of the cells per month with perfect growth and with in 30-35 years 400 or 450 scrotums… human race hatches on these eggs.  When she reaches in a certain age, this process ends automatically and menses also comes to end. With that condition, the chance to be a mother becomes null. 
When a year passes after marriage, people often ask them: isn’t there any special good news? How long they suppress these frequent questions and their eagerness for becoming a mother.  The ridiculing society addressing her as sterile and barren woman!  There was an era in which the people misunderstood that the sterility would have only to women. They would consider her as a mere unfruitful tree. 
While in the modem era, it is recognized that sterility may be with the defects of men.  Many of them try to make it secret.  A sense of degradation of being an impotent among the society grows in his mind.  This is another reason for giving alms for worship centers.  Because of this, they approach clinics seeking sterility therapy by spending more money without thinking about future. While they spent money pawning their dwelling and selling wedding string, they have an ultimate eagerness or intention to realize their dreams.  Millions of money is spent for this purpose all over the country. 
Anitha’s incident denotes the widening unconcern, exploitation and diminishing values in fertility clinic as well as general hospitals. In foreign countries, after consulting the imparter, they take out his sperm and keep it freeze.  Only after his return to the sperm bank six month later, and re consulting, if there is not found any problem, they use the sperm for treatment. But in many of the sperm banks use new sperms.  This causes for deadly diseases like AIDS.  Scrotum and sperm should be kept regularly-Labeled and dealt with carefully. 
As a result of unnecessary treatment, mates have been pushed into permanent sterility.  That is happened in the case of Anitha.  Her ovary was undertook unclear infection and lacked possibility for another chance.  ICSI and frequent hormone injections occur in several health problems.  Medicines for boosting scrotum excretion may cause for abortion. 
The fertility clinic began in Kerala before ten years.  Hence, there is no licensing system or other controls here as we see in foreign countries.  It is necessary to have laws for controlling severe exploitation and carelessness, especially emaciation of values persuades the activists in their field to do any thing.  The patient or his relatives does not know what happens in an operation theater of a hospital.  Every patient may not be aware of treatments and its legal levels.  If this experience is for an educated teacher, Anitha and her husband who is a lawyer, what will be the condition in the case of common people without enough knowledge? How can these doctors deceive his poor patients who believe him as a god? 
There is a great emotion behind the readiness of parents for artificial fertilization by bestowing their scrotum and sperm.  Emotions do not agree with accepting other’s sperm and scrotum.  It is the greatest deceive to wound these emotions. 

Anitha concludes her monologue by saying: “I dedicate my struggle as fondness for the mankind who were given birth and for those who are going to be born.  They have no clan or race, name or reputation; they will come to the earth in coming days in which abundant matrixes seeking sharp wages for delivery after ten months of painful pregnancy will be there”.  She concealed in these lines all pains of unrealized motherhood of a woman who has been betrayed by someone.

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