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The conditions of Hajj and Umrah


Hajj is obligatory upon those who have fulfilled the following conditions:
(1) Islam; Hajj is not imposed upon the disbeliever because as for him it is invalid; so that if a disbeliever performed Hajj and embraced Islam later, he has to perform Hajj again.
(2) Maturity (legal age-reason). Hajj is not imposed upon those who are under the legal age or upon the mad. But it would be accepted from children if they did.
(3) Freedom. Hajj is not imposed upon slaves.
(4) The capacity which includes; Physical and Financial ability, Availability of the means of transportation, water and food,
(5) Safety
(6) Husband, Mahram or trustworthy women accompanying the women
(7) The women should not be under iddah (waiting period) due to a divorce or death of their husbands.


The pillars (Arkan) of Hajj
(1) Ihram
(2) Sa'y (walking seven times between As-Safa and Al-Marwa)
(3) Staying at Arafath
(4) Tawaful Ifadha
(5) Cutting or shortening the head-hair.

The duties (wajibath) of Hajj
(1) To assume Ihram from the Miqath.
(2) To throw the jimars.
(3) To spend night at Al-Muzdalifa.
(4) To spend night at Mina.
(5) Tawaf al wada'.

The rites of Hajj
(1) Ihram; It is the intention to perform Hajj or Umrah or both. When the person assumes this state, he should express mentally and orally his intention and specify the purpose of his Ihram by saying: (I bear in mind Hajj or Umrah and assume Ihram for the Exalted Allah). If the person was performing Hajj on behalf of someone else, he should say: (I bear in mind Hajj or Umrah on behalf of x and assume Ihram for the Exalted Allah).

Performing Hajj on behalf of anybody.

This is valid when the person is unable to perform it by himself because of a disease or old age with his permission. Only the physical inability will be considered. It is also valid for deceased and it is the duty of his inheritors either to perform Hajj and Umrah for the sake of him or to arrange somebody for performing them from his inheritance. The person who performs Hajj on behalf of someone should imply him in the Ihram by saying: (I am assuming Ihram on behalf of x). If the person did not carry out his obligation, the Hajj or Umrah which he performs for the sake of another would be accepted only for him.
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