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For those who do wrong there is no helper

  img_article Abdullahibnu Umar (May Allah Mercy upon him) narrates us the holy Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said: "Injustice, indeed, is darkness in the Last day''. (Bukhari 2447, Muslim 2549, Thumudi 2030).

Allah the Almighty is justice. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the propagator and administer of justice. In addition, Islam is the message of justice. The Prophet (PBH) quotes Allah's declaration: "I have forbidden injustice to me as well as to my slaves. Hence, Don't practice injustice one another'' (Muslim).
Don't harm anybody at all by words or actions or wealth or influence. Violence will make the creator and the creatures enemies each other. Allah, the almighty says: "No intimate friend nor intercessors will the wrong doers have who could be listened to''. (40:18) "For those that do wrong there is no helper'' (22:71). Man will have to experience the bitter result of violence in this world itself. Because the prayer of the oppressed, whoever he may be, will hit the target. There is no munificence for Allah's justice. The holy Messenger (PBH) says: "Beware the prayer of the oppressed for there is no curtain between it and Allah'' (Bukhari, Muslim).

Even if a believer attacks a disbeliever, Allah will accept the prayer of the oppressed against the oppressor. Then, it can easily be understood that to do harm to Allah's beloved slaves will definitely be more grave and serious. One or two examples can be cited from the books of Hadiths.

Once, a complaint about Sa-ad bin Abiwaquas (May Allah Mercy upon him), the then governor of Kufa reached the Khalifa Umar (May Allah Mercy upon him). Sa-ad was summoned and the Khalifa prosecuted him and understood his innocence. And for a thorough investigation, Khalifa sent a one-member commission to Kufa along with Sa-ad. The commission met the people in various mosques there and made inquiries about Sa-ad. What he heard from the people was only good opinions and praises on Sa-ad. At last, when the commission reached a mosque for 'Abs' tribe a person from the gathering said: "Since you have asked I can help but tell you Sa-ad doesn't go with any troop of soldiers. He doesn't distribute the rights equally and doesn't keep justice in judgment. Sa-ad was startled by these baseless allegations. It was Sa-ad's duty to prove his innocence and reveal the truth before the people. For, he had been the pupil of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and ruled Kufa so far. Even though everybody spoke hundred percent in favour of Sa-d, a single person in an assembly has thrown three serious allegations against him. Being hurt by this Sa-d said: By Allah, I pray with three things. Oh Allah, if this allegation was fabricated by the person for getting fame, you stretch his days of life and increase his poverty. You put him to calamities.'' That person's name was Usama. Sa-d's prayer was duly answered. Usama became very old and his both eyebrows fell inside the eyes. Hence, he underwent with abject poverty and became the victim of multi-faceted calamities and hardships. He had only one response to those who enquire of his health that he was an aged chap engulfed by calamities and Sa-d's prayer caught him. Both Bukhari and Muslim have reported this incident.

Listen to the outcome of a prayer made by Saeedubnu Zaid (May Allah mercy upon him) when he was harmed. A lady named Arwa came to the court of Marwan with the complaint that Saeed had seized a part of her land illegally. Saeed replied: 'How can I do so since I have heard directly from the holy Prophet (PBUH), the horrible punishment in the hereafter for those who rob others property? Being hurt by this false allegation, Saeedubunu Zaid (R) prayed: Oh, Allah, if she is telling lie make her blind and kill her in that land itself''. The prayer was realize. Arwa lost her sight and while she was walking along the controversial land she fell down in a ditch and died. (Bukhari-211, Muslim 1610).

The above mentioned are some examples of punishment in this world for those who commit injustice and violence. Real punishment is in the other world. Needless to say that it would be severe and unbearable. We should wash our hands before death by returning the others' rights lest we should return it in the hereafter world. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says: All rights will of course be returned to its owners in the Doomsday. What is more, the goat without horn will be given the chance to take revenge on the goat with horn.'' (Muslim-2582).

If we do harm to others and cause them to pain there will not be anything left in our hand to return or repay it. We will be in utter perplexity and in a helpless position before Allah. Abu- Huraira (R) quotes from the Prophet (PBUH): "If anybody has to give his brother anything from his pride or other things let him find a solution for it today itself before he reaches a stage where doesn't have any Dirham or Dinar. If there are good deeds with him the deserved person will be given from it according to the scale of his illegal possession. If there is no good with him the deserved person's bad deeds will be replaced in accordance with the scale of the illegal possession."

See another Hadith reported by Abu Huraira (R); "Prophet (PBUH) once asked: "Do you know who is the desperate pauper?'' "Those who don't have coins and goods.'' Sahabas replied. Then Prophet (PBUH) said: "The desperate pauper in any community will come in the last day along with good deeds like Swalath, fasting, Zakath etc. But, he has abused a person and thrown baseless allegation against another. And he has illegally subjugated another's wealth and has shed the bloods of another person by harming him and has beaten another person. He comes to the Mahshar (the vast gathering in the hereafter world). If his good deeds are exhausted before paying others' rights fully, their sins will be taken off and imposed on him. Afterwards, he will be thrown to the Hell(Muslim-2581).

In a nutshell, violence is darkness, nay, darknesses. It creates utter darkness over his all parts in the hereafter world. The darkness heaped over darkness makes him helpless and desperate. Let's return to the first mentioned saying of the Prophet (PBUH). "Injustice, indeed is darkness in the Doomsday''.
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