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Capture the teaching of Prophet, possess the glory of success

  img_article To attain glory in all aspects of life is the dream of every individual. But how can it be? Most of us surrender humbly before this question. Even the beggars, who sleep under the shelter of the sky, may have dreamt of building huge mansions and so on. So, mere ideas can do nothing in our life. For attaining eventual success we should make a thorough search of the eminent men's lives who tasted glory in life. But if one search the lives of great men he cannot find a single one who succeeded in every part of life, except the Prophet Muhammad (PBH).
Therefore, a search through the Prophet's life will help us to find success in our life. First of all, we should choose only the possible ones. Otherwise our valuable time, energy, and wealth may be exhausted during
the experiment of all the given chances. Remember the saying: 'time and tide waits none.' The Prophet (s) 'if given an option between two, would select only the easier one,' (Bukhari). Secondly, think always in positive i.e., find advantageous in disadvantage. At the first phase of the propagation the Prophet had to face severe difficulties; when the Qur'an revealed: "But lo! With hardship goeth ease; lo! With hardship goeth ease." The maneuver with patience will make sure our way to coveted goal. Next we should try by changing our place of action. Sometimes change may be favourable. The Prophet's Hijra from holy Makkah to holy Modena proved successful in his mission.

Another quality that is essential for a successful life is the ability to make a friend out of an enemy. Qur'an says: 'lo! He, between whom and thee was enmity (will become) as though he was a bosom friend.' The Prophet (PBH) when not found the lady who used to throw wastes upon him, went to her house and enquired about her health and prayed for her well being, which prompted her to embrace Islam. Likewise find out the minus points and make it positive ones, be careful not to repeat faults.
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