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Safety from sin

  img_article Birth onwards the our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is different from us in all matters. The hyperbole in the question, 'Isn't he a man,' may be convinced to us with that. The deities fell invertible, and the such are not happening in an ordinary birth. The Prophet's birthday had been celebrated by the entire celestial world.

Allah has undertaken the security of the Prophet(saw) in all respect. Qur'an says, Allah will protect you from the people. Patiently wait till you get the decision of the creator; you are under our observation. Allah says in another verse. Here Allah has undertaken the physical protection of the Prophet.
It is an inevitability too; the person who engaged in the consummation of the mission should not die before the end, especially being the last one in that series. Another thing should be read adjacently; this personality should be free from sin. How can be it possible to discriminate good and bad if the intellectual, who was presented to be the model of all until the day of destruction, stained with sin!

The Prophet is secure from sin in all respect. Qur'an has decisively proclaimed that. The usage 'ordinary man' is the usage of non Muslims; Qur'an has said so. There are some who make use of this 'borrowed' accusation; they are themselves whitewashing Aboo jahil on the name of 'thouheed'.
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