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Peacefulness and easiness are the basics of life's victory

  img_article Satisfactory life is the aim of all people. Who has got satisfactory life here? Many persons are around us with wealth and amenities. Huge sky-touching mansions, great houses where meet newest face of architect, pillars, vast halls and reception; to dine, to read, to rest, to entertain, to intoxicate, to converse with guests, to rest and for everything there are separate rooms. AC, TV, Video and such modern amenities, to wash, to grind, to decorate there are machines, to cook and to serve, and for everything we have instruments and servants.

We can see earls and pleasure seekers who have security guards, stewards, clerks and private doctors.
What of it? Do they have satisfaction or peacefulness in their life? Some used to say that mind will free if get food and to get a place to put our head on. What is our experience?

If it is financial prosperity that brings victory and satisfaction in life, then, Sweden, the wealthiest country in the world, would have become the bank of peacefulness and tranquility. Taking the responsibility the govt. implemented to all citizen house, education, medical aid, favour according to the needs of life, delivery expenses, preservation of health and so on. All communal and caste oriented thoughts were prohibited. Sweden is a country where people granted full freedom of all kind; a country where prostitution is made the fundamental right of man. The land which acquired the fame of that it is the paradise of the earth that never tasted adversity and difficulty. Yet, the people of her are unhappy, disappointment and aimlessness clouded over their face. They experience uneasiness and insecurity. When heroin and prostitutes reach before them for peacefulness, they became more agitated and anguish. At last it is suicide that reaches to their help. The rate of suicide is all the more increasing in Sweden. In America and in Europe who said to be the real monopolists of equality, the younger generations are in trouble and disappointment. Murder and suicide are increasing day by day. Each man steps forward, bearing a volcano within his mind. His mind is a burning furnace.

The success of life is through mental satisfaction. The happiness of the gardener in the royal compound doesn't have to the owner of the palace. The mental gratification of a beggar, who sleeps at night under the sky without any cover other than exterior pod of himself, will not avail to the rich man who sleeps in silk mattress. Can the rich man, who taking the sleeping pills buys sleep, remember the comfort of a poor farmer who sleeps at sight of the mattress?

The concept that wife and offspring are the means of rejoice. Can we finish counting the fathers who gnash the teeth and smash the head thinking the offspring? Haven't children around us spoiled the peacefulness of parents who brought up them affectionately? The renowned Arabic poet Abdul Alaul Ma'rri didn't marry, fearing to have children; for, children would spoil the peace of parents. A number of poets sang ill of children unable to tolerate their annoyance.

I see children as destruction. Infertile people are lucky. Perhaps, I will be bringing up my enemy; or I have to leave him to be orphan; or the child may depart me leaving in eternal sorrow. This is what a poet sang.

With the technical education or with the vast knowledge one could not attain ultimate peace of mind. So many scholars who believed knowledge is all in all appeared before us to be the cuckoos of the tower of knowledge. Those who saw life's fulfillment in physical science, in the noble degrees; those who find happiness in the complexity of the laboratory, at last we have seen them, ending their life in a piece of rope or in a bottle of poison. From Socrates onwards up to Hemingway found a place in this list.

Peacefulness and easiness are the basis of life's victory. We saw that there is nothing to make mind peaceful in wealth. In offspring, in authoritative power, in science and technological prosperity; more over the physical prosperity turns man into more trouble. Peace is an anonymous thing. That is beyond the perception; beyond measure; cannot buy or enclose in a box. In a world of chemical weapon or nuclear bombs man who wanders in search of peace is not getting happiness even in the sky. Even though the great powers say that star based war programme and atomic experiments can be used for, that is not going to attain. Human minds don't content.

The importance of a vast, not man made, pertaining to man, just, comprising, developmental, never fading, defect-less and practical code of laws becomes a necessity here. The inevitability of an omnipotent, generous, invisible, infinite, without having a beginning or an end, all knowing, independent, just and tactful power is convinced here. The faith in this power showers chill to mind; gives easiness to heart; gives sense of purpose and idea to life; gives expectation and curiosity. He alone has the right and ability to present and ideology- plan of life-that never gives way to the changes of time, acceptable to all, defect-less systems and code of laws. Man who has power of thought and proud can obey and bow head only before such a great power.

Islam teaches to believe in such a power and to obey his rules. Almighty's laws are religion. That helps to get all kinds of development to the man of all times.
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