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Thaqwa: makes our heart more illustrious

  img_article There is no importance to ones colour, creed and breed in Islam to decide positions in society. Allah says: 'O, mankind, Lo! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the best in conduct. Allah is knower and aware'. The position is accounted for one according to his Thaqwa. This word has a distinct meaning in the terminology of Islam other than the linguistic in which it is meant forbearance, fear and abstinence. Imam Navavi (May Allah Mercy upon him) says: Thaqwa is to obey His orders and to keep distance from His prohibitions.
Thaqwa is pinnacle state of one's heart, which keeps him conscious of Allah's presence, and it persuade him to perform virtues and abandon the evils. Thaqwa is the shield against Allah's anger and punishment, and that shield is to obey his commandments and abstain from his punishments.

Thaqwa is a prominent part of the teachings of Allah's messengers. During sending off the military, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) advised his followers to possess a deep-rooted fear of Allah. The pious predecessors (Salafussalih) continued this practice of giving mutual advice of Thaqwa after the Prophet's death. Umer (May Allah Mercy upon him) advised his son, Abdullah(May Allah Mercy upon him) to fill his heart with the fear of Almighty for, Allah will protect them who fear him well, Allah will reward him who gives a loan to him, and Allah will rise him who thanks him a lot. Allah persuades on it through verses from the Holy Quran.

It is Thaqwa that keeps one steadfast on the straight path and protects him from deviation. In the absence of it there are no limits for his waywardness and he will be addicted to all kinds of unwanted things. He himself and others may suffocate due to the foul smell of his life.

Allah says: O, you who believe! Have Thaqwa of Allah. He will give you discrimination (between right and wrong); and will rid you of your evil thoughts and deeds, and will forgive you; Allah is of infinite bounty. (Soorah Al Anfaal 8/29). Commenting on this, interpreters like Imam ibn Al Kabeer(May Allah Mercy upon him) says it means a way out from difficulty. Muhammad Ishaaq(May Allah Mercy upon him) added that it means criterion to judge between truth and falsehood. It is proved by an incident from the Companions of Rasoolullah (PBH).

During a violent battle, Ali bn Abee Twalib (May Allah Mercy upon him) happened to fight with a pagan. Both of them were more powerful and brave. Meanwhile, Ali (May Allah Mercy upon him) was seen sitting astride the enemy's chest; and asked him to embrace Islam, but he rejected. Then Ali (r) lifted his sword for charging him, when unexpectedly, the pagan spat furiously on his face. To the astonishment of the pagan, Ali (r) jumped way and lowered his sword.

While being enquired, Ali bn Abee Twalib (r) responded: I was fighting with you for the sake of Allah, but when you spat on my face that made me angry, then if I had killed you, my act must be a revenge for your insulting action, that might lead me to Hell. Pondering over the sincerity of Ali (May Allah Mercy upon him) the pagan became ready to embrace Islam.

Since, whoever obey Allah's commands and abandon what he prohibited, will be given the capability to distinguish truth from falsehood. This will be the cause for his salvation, he is being helped; and the cause for his sins to be expiated by Allah, and he is being granted forgiveness and Allah shielding him from the people. Allah says: O you who believe! Have fear of Allah and seek shelter in his messenger; and He will give you two-fold of his mercy and will project for you a light wherein ye shall walk. (Al Hadeed 57/28).

Allah convinces : O you who believe! Observe your duty to Allah with right observance and do not die except as Muslims (Aal Imran 3/102).
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