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One who do not show mercy, will not be shown mercy

  img_article The word 'Mercy' is used in 155 verses of Qur'an, besides, at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters. Allah is the fountain of mercy. He keeps 99% of it with Himself by which he will show mercy to his servants on the Day of Judgment; only one percent of which has been given to all creatures. He sent the Prophet (s) to this world as a part of his mercy. Allah says: 'we have not sent you (Muhammad [s]) except as a mercy to the world.' The word 'world' is general. i.e. that other than the Allah Almighty. So that it includes the world of humans, the world of Jinn, the world of the animals and the world of the birds as well as the nations found of the land and the nations found on sea.  
It can be read from the life of the Prophet that he showed mercy to all creatures. At the early stage of his life in Arabia girl child was considered to be a humiliation to the family. So they killed her mercilessly. This kind of incidence can be read even in the life of Umar ibn Kathab (r). The Prophet of mercy prohibited this cruel injustice not with war but with merciful teachings. He promised paradise to them, who bring up three girls protecting them well. Again he said:""the person that looks after and supports the widow and the needy one is like the 'mujahid' (one who fighting for the sake of Allah) in the cause of Allah. In his last words to his companions and the nation he said: "the prayer and what your right hand possess. Take good care of the women, i.e., wives. The best among you is the best to his wives. And I am the best among you with wives".

He asked to show mercy towards orphans, and declared the one who helps orphan will be like this (holding his index finger and middle finger together) in paradise. Another instance of the exposure his mercy was at the time of the Victory Makah. Muslim won the battle. Many of the Quraishee leaders were caught in custody. It was a time when all expected terrible punishment. Then the Prophet said to them: "To day you are free. Go to your home".

The Prophet (peace be upon him) showed mercy to all creatures. Once he saw one of his companions grab the baby of a skylark, and it's mother began fluttering and screaming over the head of the companion. So the Prophet(PBH) said: "who bereaved this lark of her child? Return her children back to her." All creatures have mercy in their heart, even in the hearts of the ferocious animals like Lion, Tiger etc. that is why they are looking their babies affectionately.

The Prophet said: 'one who doesn't show mercy (to others) will not be shown mercy (by Allah).' Allah has shown mercy even to the lady (a prostitute) who showed mercy to a dog that was dying from thirst. She filled her shoe with water and then taking hold of the dog's mouth; she gave it water to drink. Therefore, Allah forgave her sins. The Prophet (PBH) contemned the person that is void of any mercy. And he contemned one who breaks the family ties. He said that kinship is connected to the throne of the most merciful on the day of judgment. It will come before Allah and say: This is the place for the one who sought refuge in you from the serving (of family ties). So Allah will say to it: will it please you that I connect those who maintained you and that I cut off those who severed you? And it says; I will be pleased (with that), my Lord.

The Prophet (PBH) said: The most merciful shows mercy to those who have mercy on others. Show mercy to those on the earth and one above the heaven will show mercy to you." The Prophet (s) condemned the oppressive leaders who do not show mercy to their people. O! Our Lord we cannot bear your chastisement. O Allah, forgive to this poor slave of you.
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