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Love is a bitter pill to an insincere mind

  img_article Often, we see people who are trying to convince their sincerity, or trying to expose others insincerity. We are all in a way or the other knows it. What is this 'sincerity'? The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines: 'The state of being the same in reality as in appearance.' A simple definition. But it is not so simple, as it is said to be sincere. Even in exposing love to our beloved ones, can we be sincere as others think of? Don't there a slight confession in the heart of you?

So, if your consciousness tells you to seek the sincerity (ikh' las), then shut off greed from you and starve with the weapon of despair. Then abandon the love of being praised, as some abandon spiritual world for this
world. If you are successful in your effort, sincerity will be at the reach of your threshold.

Why do we love to be praised? Is there anyone who can satisfy us with his/her love? Would their love's quality be maintained? Leave it rather there. Who is that imparted love in the heart? Shouldn't He the reservoir of love? Indeed, he must be the fountain of love. He is Allahu Tha'ala, worthy to be praised. Not I or You. Our love is limited. A Bedouin said to the Prophet; 'Indeed whoever I praise is adorned, whoever I dispraise is unadorned. So the Prophet said: 'that is Allah alone.'

Therefore, abandon the praise of those whose praise does not adorn you and whose dispraise does not affect. Turn to Allah whose praise has all the adornment and whose dispraise has all the ugliness. And it is impossible to attain this except with patience and surety, whenever lose these two you will be like a ship without a compass. Allah said; 'So have patience (O Muhammad)! Allah's promise is an unflinching truth.
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