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Prophetic love: An illustrious drop in hearts of millions


                                       The love or affection is a phenomenon bubbling up in the depth of our minds. On the basis of this criterion, one can exchange this phenomenon with another as like the virtue, unbreakable relations and perfection. Accordingly, we may love him in return for his help. A father may shower his affection upon his handicapped child in the basis of his inevitable relation with him. We love Mahathmaji and Ambedkar only for the sake of the perfection they attained during the short span of their lives.

It is historical fact that we can’t find anyone but the Messenger of Allah winning all these factors of loving the fellow beings and being loved by them. That is why; it is incumbent upon us to bestow all our affection only


upon the prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). In fact no one can be a real believer until he prefers the Messenger to his own parents, children and all his belongings. The real love for the Prophet consists not only in the implicit obedience to his commandments but also in the display of explicit expression of love towards him.

The question that remains here is how can we express our affection to Allah’s Prophet? In accordance with the social status of the beloved, our expression of love may vary. For instance, we may show our affection to a child of three years old providing him sweets or toys, an old man may be helped to cross the road. Nevertheless, in the case of a popular leader the show of affection might be different from the earlier two cases; it may be through an offering of thankful salutation or showering accolades. 

Being the followers of Islam, we should be cautious enough to offer all due venerations to the Messenger of Allah, the real praise worthy one in the universe. We can show our whole hearted affection to the Messenger by preaching his virtues or singing songs in praise of him or chanting Swalath while his name is uttered. Nowadays believers conduct a variety of functions such as Mowlids and processions as part of their expression of love to the prophet (PBH).

More over, we must try to bring the holy Messenger in all our mutual talking, thinking and other usual activities. Reciting Mowlids or singing panegyric songs we can show the mood of our love to the Messenger from one to 30 days of holy Rabeeul awal. Innumerable books pertaining to the life of Muhammad (PBH) can be found in various languages. Reading those books, the profound love will certainly be instilled in us. In addition, we should circulate those books among our friends too.

It is notable to mention here that when our minds will be the rock bed of love for the prophet, then our tongues may absentmindedly utter Swallallahu- alaihi-vasallam whenever his name is uttered in our presence.

In nut shell, we should ensure our presence and that of our friends too in all Mowlids and panegyrics where ever they are conducted. But sadly enough, the deviators are striving every nerve to scoff at Mowlids and other observances of prophetic love.  In this circumstance, we should come forward to attract all believers whatever functions we conduct to spread prophetic love. Then, we must succeed in emancipating them from the vicious trap of the so called reformists.

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