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The Peerless Personality



                                      “Muhammad was distinguished by the beauty of his person, an outward gift which is seldom despised, except by those to whom it has been refused.. His memory was capacious and retentive, his wit easy and social, his imagination sublime, his Judgment  clear, rapid and decisive. He possessed the courage both of thought and action… bears the stamp of an original and superior genius”- Edward Gibbon.

     Different persons, who are representing the divergent aspects of life, attract men. Religion, art, literature, philosophy, politics are some of the major affairs to which people show their special interests. As such, they admire the leading figures, who are exhibiting the exceptional expressions in the corresponding fields. Therefore, some are wearing the anklets with the photos of their reverent human-gods while some others wear the shirts with the photos of their favorite sports starts or film heroes printed on them. Up to this end, it is inferred that, nobody may contradict. Now let us move on to such grave matters about which arguments and counter-arguments are likely to arise.

     Really, this is a fact; the fact is in the form of an argument. When there is a chance to be counter- crossed, it becomes a challenge. It should be discussed in medium temper, being unconditionally free from all prejudices. Quite simply, the fact reads thus; Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) is the greatest of all the leaders in the world!

     At a first glance, somebody may tent to think this to be a fanatic statement. But truth should not be concealed; simply because, it will cause distance to the listeners. Nobody is happy to hear the tragic news that a landslide is expected to be in the location where one is living. But, since it is unhappy we should not make it so appreciative as to mislead him. To do so means to cheat. If things are spoken as they are, it will help to provoke thought, to take precautionary steps, and to make a sound enquiry thus finding the truth. Things are thus, we are compelled to check and test the truthfulness of the above statement. Let us examine it taking two criteria in to consideration. They are (a) Abiding popularity (b) Comprehensive History (for details please go through the article ‘Comprehensive History of the Prophet’).

     The abiding popularity of the Prophet is much notable one. Men are, generally, curious to know what is happening in the surroundings. If one happens to hear a strange noise of a bomb blast, he turns impatient until he is convinced what has taken place. The reason why people are eagerly listening to news is nothing but this. Since things are thus, nobody can abstain from seeking why the name ‘Muhammad” is frequently announced from every nook and corner of the world.

     ‘The Adhan’, i.e. the announcement for the obligatory prayer, is made five times from every Masjid. The name Muhammad (Pease and Blessing of Allah be upon him) is articulated two times in every Adhan’. There are more than fifty Muslim countries in the world. In those countries, there are thousands of Masjids. Besides. Muslims and their Masjids exist in almost all the countries. Now, it is doubtful, as to whether there is any country where Islam has not entered yet. It follows that the name of Muhammad (PBH) is announced from every part of the world, regardless of governmental system, despite he being a man lived thousand years back.

     Moreover, the mystery of the time schedule of these Five ‘Adhan’ has also to be noted. The time fixation is based on the rotation of the earth. Since the earth is round, there would be morning, noon, after noon, evening and night at any time but places being different. It means that there is Subh, Dhuhr, As’r, Magh’rib and Isha at any time and every time, with the exception that location would be changed one after another in quick succession. From this, one can conclude that the name of Muhammad (PBH) is announced in this world 24 hours and more than ten thousand times each minute. This announcement is not started before one or two years or decades, but this has been the practice for the last 1400 years, without any least break!

     Moreover, special Programs for commemorating the birthday of the prophet is held throughout the world annually. During the Hajj season, Millions of Muslims gather around the Holy tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBH). Above all, Functions for the appraisal of prophet namely ‘Maulid’ is also convened in Muslim houses and Masjids intermittently. Rhymes of appraisal flow from the loving and flowery hearts of  his Followers while from the hearts harder than dry deserts do not!

     Moreover, Muslim population is increasing day by day. Islam is spreading rapidly throughout the world. New Masjids and institutions have been founded in every part of the world, even if the missionary works are feverish comparing to that of Christianity. The totality of all these leads us to assure that, the name of Muhammad is being reminded, spelled, and loudly announced by a massive society, endlessly throughout the world.

     The fact that the sun rises in the east needs not to be proved presenting authentic evidence. Likewise, the above – referred facts are as clear as the daylight. Anybody who approaches things straight can make out them as they are. In case, one is enriched with a counter argument that crosses the statement, let him search and suggest another name, instead of Prophet Muhammad (PBH) that has got these much popularity and worldwide circulation throughout centuries. If one is able to do so he is said to have accepted the challenge.   



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