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             Ironical tale of periodicals



                                      The modernists who circulate that celebrating the birth day of the Prophet is un-Islamic and who claim that to recite ‘Yaseen’ on the name of the prophet may cause to become pagan, through their orations, articles and notices, don’t know their forefathers were those who propagated once that to celebrate the birth day the prophet (PBH) is the obligation of the Muslims, and they organized programmes to recite Mawlid and distributed food as part of it. To prove this we can go though the extracts of a few old periodicals of them:

   The first part of the speech of Abdul Latheef Madani, the General Secretary of Nadvathul Mujahid,broadcasted through radio-station  made on 1951 Dec. 12 (Rabeeul Awal 12) which was published in Almanar is given bellow. 
“Today the world are celebrating the birthday of an extraordinary child born before fourteen century to whom all the people of the world looked with wonder” (Almanar Book:2, No 19-20, January 1952).  Then it is clear that even the secretary of Nadwathul Mujahideen, looking the day and date celebrated and agreed that the world together celebrated the prophet’s birthday.  Those who clime that the celebration is confined only in Kerala, should see what their prominent leader E.K. Maulavi writes in Al-Irshad:  “From the beginning of Rabi al-Awwal the system of celebration of the prophet’s birthday is one that is celebrated from East to West.  Nobody can say that in any country where Muslims live doesn’t have this celebration” (Al Irshad1343, Rabeeul Awal).  Just read what E.K. Maulavi wrote in Al Murshid too.

   “We should inform the world what are the boons that the prophet (PBH) done to the world. That is what our duty.  But up to some years there was not any means to know and to teach nobleness of the great soul in Malayalam.  Though there was the system of observing maulid well among ourselves, having that in Arabic language considerable results are not found.  But recently, in certain places maulid has been recited telling its meaning.  In most parts, through public meeting orations are being conducted on the nobility of the prophet (PBH).  All these are more or less happiest gestures” (Al Murshid. Book 1, No.5).

   But nowadays maulavis may not have seen the old periodicals like Al Irshad, Al Murshid etc….  If they had, they shouldn’t write in the Shabab issued recently as follows: “…………..being unintelligible if recited in Arabic no Mujahid had ever said to recite maulid in Malayalam, and never say so.  Writing unrealities, to create ambiguity is not suited to those who clime erudition” (Shabab 1994 August 26 Friday, book 18, No. 1).   What would the comrades say to it? May be, E.K.Maulavi is not a Mujahid, but Vahabi? 

      The Mawlid of Aikya Sangam

      We inform very gladly that the Mawlid which has been conducted for two years under united front has been held this time elegantly on Rabi al-Awwal 12. The great men made speeches in Malayalam on the birth, the childhood, the propagation, the superior quality of character and such important parts of the history of the prophet on the day of the students’ conference held at Eriyad Lower Secondary School and in the great meeting.  Not to feel aversion to those who think that Mawlid is valid unless reading many Arabic words without knowing their meaning, spent a lot of time to read Mawlid in Arabic too.  A feast was given to those who participated and not participated in the meeting (Al Irshad 1343, Rabeeul Awal).

   Some extremists who say Mawlid is ‘shirk’ ought to be there at that time too.  That was because some not participated.  But we see in the report that they too took part in the feast.  Eating is beyond ‘shirk’.
Next see the lines from Al Murshid, the official publication of Kerala Jam’iyyathul Ulama.  “…………those who got chance to take part in the maulid programme are lucky people.  The place prepared for Mawlid is a place where the above said matters are bestowed.  These matters available place is indeed a sacred gathering.   In this gathering, lots of scholars who are pious and who know the acceptability of Islamic principles must be participated.  Islamic glory should be germinated in Muslims” (Al Murshid book 4 No.1). 
      See what K.M. Maulavi said: “…….by propagating the prophet’s mission, we all should praise Allah for creating the prophet (PBH) and bestowed the world with his mercy in this month.  For that; organizing Mawlid meeting in all nations, gathering people from all religion we should avail prophet’s idealism to them all.  With the execution of this obligation we should collect funds of propagation for this purpose in the day and in the month of Ramadan from all nations” (Al Murshid book 1 No.5).
Obligation means ‘farl’.  From this it is clear that the old leaders of the modernists were those who told to celebrate the prophet’s birthday was an obligation.
     And some complaints are on celebrating the birthday taking the month into account. To this complaint see how E.K.Maulavi answers:
“………it is because the birth of the Shafeeuna prophet(s) who torched the ways of all goodness for mankind for corporal and non-corporal worlds and blessed the earth with his magnificent touch became in a Rabeeul Awel like this”(Al Murshid 3/9).  (Isn’t the meaning of the word ‘shafeeuna’ in the above lines written by E.K. Maulavi, one who recommends for us?   But today’s leaders are those who claim such terminology also to be shirk!). 

      See Al Murshid again: “…………Rabi al-Awwal is a month in which such a noble religion’s and propagation’s leader, efficient ruler, sympathetic and kind-hearted earl, superior practicing noble teacher, carrier of the message of God, was born.  That is why the entire Muslim world altogether celebrates that day.  Of course, the whole world should celebrate the day.  This celebration makes avail many good things.  The love to the prophet firms in the heart of the people; get chances to remember the good deeds and character of him; give occasions to narrate them to the people; get a chance to propagate Islam and this becomes a cause to develop unity, organization and love among Muslims.  “…….those who make the prophet an ideal, who study the prophet, and who follow them fear Allah and the Last Day and think of Allah excessively.  Such people come to Meelad meetings and work according to what they studied from the meeting.  On that day, in the meeting, that the whole world observed the life of the prophet very clearly, impart to the audience and would narrate the character of him.  The speeches to follow him would be conducted.  The love to the prophet would rise up.  The Companions of Prophet, who were meticulous in religious observances, should be remembered. Prompt to say Swalath (praise of the prophet) by those who are gathered there.  Instructions that are conducive to acquire Allah’s love will be given” (Al Murshid 4. No1).

      Listen to what Almanar says again: “Friends! In this Rabi al-Awwal 12, the birth day of the prophet who is a blessing to the world from East to West Muslims are exciting with pleasure and sing eulogium on that noble soul reminding the noble history of his life.  There is nothing wonderful in the expression of strength and nobility in birthday of the man, whom they love more than their life and he is the torch-bearer of the world. And that is so usual too” (Almanar book: 1, No: 17).
But the claim of the modernists is that even if recite ‘Yaseen’ on the name of the Prophet, he will become pagan (kafir).  See what Umer Maulavi, the top leader of Mujahid writes in Salsabeel: “Reciting ‘yaseen’ upon the prophet is meant to get the prophet’s harmony and pleasantness to us through the recitation. Anybody knows that a man might be a kafir, if he worshiped other than Allah to get the harmony or pleasantness of anybody. By the words ‘other than Allah’ signifies whosoever it maybe without any difference” (Salsabeel Book3, No:3, Page20).

      These groups have no hesitation to label as shirk and kufr of those sacred deeds which the entire Muslim world does without a bit of accusation.  But, when the King Faisal was killed, ‘fathiha’ was recited for him and this was reported in the newspaper of Rabithathul Aalamil Islamiyya. Nobody (including Umer Maulavi who received salary from Saudi Govt.) did not respond to it. The report can be translated as follows: The heads and leaders of the Islamic world stood silent for some times in the meeting.  Meanwhile for the tranquility of the soul of great king and martyr Faisal, they recited surath fathiha.
The old leaders of them had not such an opinion. Look what K.M.Maulavi writes in Al Murshid. (Anyhow, their opinions are changing forty times per mile).

      “to recite dikr on the name of Sheik Muhiyidhin Abdul Qadir Jeelani means to intent to give the reward of it to Sheik Jeelani while reciting the dikr (Al Murshid, book 2, No:2 page 471).

      Their periodicals and speeches have great roles in belittling the prophet and in circulating the prophet is an ordinary and a sinful man.  Umer Maulavi wrote that even the prophet had made faults in the matter of obeisance to Allah”(Salsabeel book: 4, No: 8, August 1971).  Maudoodi point out that ‘not to mistake to be God, Allah might have deliberately prompted the prophet to do sins’.
“In certain times Allah may rise deliberately his protection from his messenger to make them do one or two sins, in order not to make them think as creator and understand they too are human beings” (Thafhimath vol:2, page 43).
This kind of writings and orations became encouragements to the enemies of Islam and brought in the circumstances to publish cartoons to insult the prophet (PBH). Therefore, not to trap in their snare, lovers of the prophet should be more meticulous.  May Allah the Almighty enter us into His Paradise with our beloved prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi WasallamAameen.




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