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Prophet and other World- Renowned Leaders



                                     Let us have a close discussion about the leaders, taking from the various strata of the society in comparison with prophet focusing on the two criteria, abiding popularity and comprehensive history. Since prophet Muhammad(Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) represents religion, the first preference can be given to religious leaders. Jesus Christ, Sri Krishna, Sri budha, Gru Nanak, Sri Narayana Guru, Swami Vivekanandan are some instances. As for philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Bertrand Russel, Jean Paul satre, Soran Keikkegard are good examples. To represent revolutionists there are numberless figures: Voltaire, Montesque, Rousseau, Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin, Nepolian, Ayathulla Qumaini etc.. The field of literature is exuberant with typical figures: Homer, vigil, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Spencer, Tolstoy, Dostoyovsky, Wordsworth, Joan Keats, Kafka, Camus, Bucket, Eliot, Grass, Kundera, Derrida and so on. Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Yasar Arafath, Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Sheikh Zayd, are the best saviors of the humanity while Hitler, Mussolini, W. bush, Sharon are the cruelest enemies of mankind. Newton, Einstein, Pascal, Farade, Edison, Hoking are good scientist whereas Sigmun Frued, Skinner, Ivan Pavlov are famous psychologists. As far as painting is concerned Pablo Picaso, Micheal Angelo, Raja Ravivarma, Leornado Davichi and M.F.Hussain are top figures.

    Among the names, some are ancient, and some are modern. So, each can argue for his own hero, which will help a friendly discussion. Jesus Christ lived before 2000 years. Christians, the followers of Christ form the majority of the world population. Still the name of Christ is not as repeatedly announced in the world as that of Muhammad. From the Churches all over the world, we do not hear the name ten times a day; instead it is confined to the ceremonial speeches or discussions. But we already understood that, the name prophet Muhammad has been announced in the world for the last fourteen centuries, without lapsing even a second. Is somebody is travelling around the earth as a planet, he can keep on hearing the echoing sound of “Muhammad”……. “Muhammad”… “Muhammad”… endlessly. Can a person hear the name of Christ so or at least once during one rotation? Suppose you are standing in a place full of Christians. Can you hear the name of Christ once even if you stand there twenty four hours?

    If this is the case with the great Jesus Christ, please, impartially compare Sri Kirshna, Sidhartha, Sri Guru and others. Can one argue that they have also got world wide popularity as that of Muhammad without prick of Conscience? Think twice, thrice, and decide! If this is the case with religious authorities what should be the condition of poets, scientist, reformers and philosophers? Who spells the name of Jeoffery Chaucer? Who remembers Virgil? Who announces the name of Newton repeatedly? Who wants Faraday today?

    As for the history, controversy reigns Christ, especially regarding his end. Is the prefect biography that covers all aspects if Christ ranging from physical appearance to private habits available today, as is with prophet Muhammad (PBH)? Is there any authenticity to the photos and idols that are erected in churches and displayed in public places except that it is a mere imagination of an artist? Can one prove that the sayings, which are attributed to Christ, are really his own, presenting the name series of reporters one by one, along with their biographies as well, as is possible with Prophet Muhammad. Can any person in the world count the names of twenty forefathers of Jesus Christ just as a child studying in lower classes of an Islamic Institution can do with that of Muhammad (PBH)? Can any Christian describe his linage ending at last in Jesus Christ as a ‘sayyid’ born in Prophet’s progeny simply does? How would Christendom prove authentically when Bertrand Russell remarks “historically it is quite doubtful whether Christ ever existed at all?

    If this is the case of Jesus Christ as regards history, what proofs can be submitted for the existence of Sri Krishna, Rama and Sita who are living in Ramayana and Mahabharatha especially, when some Vedic scholars remarked that they are only imaginative figures. The ideals of Sidharta, Sri Guru, Vivekananda, and Guru Nanak may be recorded. But can one see the uppermost clarity and outstanding soundness like that of Muhammad (PBH)?

    If this is the case as regards religion, for which man dares to become martyr himself, how would be literature and art? Science and psychology? Take the best example of Shakespeare. He is supposed and to have lived before 400 years. Still his biography is surrounded by Chaos. The debate as to whether the play renowned in his name are really written by him, or by Francis Bacon or by Queen Elizabeth or somebody else, has not, so far, reached to a final conclusion! But the biography of Muhammad who lived 1400 years back is still crystal clear. Philip Hitti, who accused Prophet having invaded dynasties for economic ends, remarks ‘Muhammad was born in the full light of history (Philip K Hitti, History of Arabs, London 1978). For the time being, leave the historic figures. Let us discuss regarding the statement of living characters. We read the statement of George Bush, Tony Blare and Kofi Annan. But we get it after having been ploughed putting them in to the mixer of self motives. Various newspapers and channels present them according to their own whims and fancies after being digested by news agencies. But one can more assure the words of Prophet to be his own in spite of being 1400 years old, than an event taking places to day.




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