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The Polygamy of Prophet



                                     The Islamic concept of Polygamy also has been subjected to meaningless allegations. They leveled Severe criticism against Muhammad PBH) for having kept 12 wives, while he let his followers only four. Like any thing else, the polygamy of Islam is also misused in order to present it as a patriarchic ideology, and prophet as a licentious man. So this deserves being discussed in the light of history and reason.

   In Arabian context of sixth century, youths were used to marry as earlier as possible, and as much wives as they could. Some of the followers (Sahabas) of Prophet had kept many wives, when they came to Islam, for instance, Noufal bin Muaviath Addhaylami had five wives, Ameerathul asadi had eight and Ghoyalan bin salamathssaqafi ten. It means that polygamy was widespread in Arabia.
Through the analysis of history, we can come to the conclusion that polygamy was not restricted in Arabia, but was practiced in almost all part of the world. The histories of ancient Rom, Egypt, Middle Africa, Zimbabwe, China, Japan and Australia proclaim the polygamy having existed abundantly. In the Bible there are clear instances of ancient prophets who kept more than one wife. The case of ancient India is not different. It is inferred that Polygamy was practiced since the time of ‘Erg Veda’. Later, during the time of epics also, it continued. Dhasharath, the father of the hero in Ramayana had three wives while Lord Kirshna had sixteen thousand and eight wives!

   Now, let us observe prophet, who sits in the cave of Hira in the desolate hills of Arabia, when he was in his prime time, robust health and vigilant spirit. The polemic Geebelses should not miss the point that, at this time his friends had become husbands of many wives, fathers of many children. The priestly Christian critics of Prophet must retrospect that, can, a licentious man go in a secluded cave, and sit there meditating the bounties of God Almighty deliberately abstaining from the worldly gratifications and limitless appreciations of war, wine, women… where no god or goddess was there to prohibit any thing and warn against dooms.

   Muhammad Musthafa proposed nobody but proposal was made to him by Khadija (May Allah Please with her), who realized the radius personality of Prophet and his unparalleled expertise in business, she being a merchant. Thus the marriage was done while he was twenty-five. It should be particularly noted that Khadija (May Allah Please with her) was not a virgin of sweet seventeen but a widow of forty who had been wife for two men one after one. The licenceless critics should remember that the married life was continued twenty-five years. Khadija (May Allah Please with her) died when she was sixty five, and Prophet was then fifty years old. During this long time he kept no other wife, but solely that middle aged, later, old Khadija (May Allah Please with her).

   After the death of Khadija, Prophet married Soudhah, another widow. When she died, he married Aysha (May Allah Please with her) a small girl, who could live 30 years even after death of prophet, teaching his ideals to the Muslim world, it is in the last evening years of his life that he started keeping more than one at a time. This he did, not because he suddenly changed to be licentious in his fifty-three but for multi purposes, that were helpful for the betterment of religion and society, mainly for the protection of helpless widows. Had he been so, as accused, he could have had it when the elites of Arabia offered him angelic virgins as a reward for keeping away from Islamic propagation. It was the habit of Arabians to offer beautiful girls in order to earn material ends. But prophet refused it and he married only widows except Aysha (May Allah Please with her).

   Look to the loving heart of Prophet. Some of us may be ready to donate some coins in support of widows and orphans. A few of us are extremely munificent. But how many of us will be ready to give protection for the middle-aged widows and fatherless children, by marrying them. Food and shelter are nothing comparing to the living looks and the tender caresses of a husband. Prophet’s preparedness to do so is praiseworthy. Soudha, whose husband was died while returning from Abyssinia, came to prophet and implored to marry her. Prophet had not a better option than to protect old widow as his beloved.

   What prophet actually had done was not widening the loophole of polygamy but minimizing into four. In a theoretic discussion, there is no room for what is going on in the name of Islam in surrounding. It is true that some so-called Muslims have misused the system, by practicing it violating the ethics. From the life of Muhammad (PBH), we can realize that polygamy is a special provision to be adopted in particular circumstances. As the main channel of coupled life Prophet’s sanctuary was Khadija (May Allah Please with her). After 53 onwards, he married more than one not for wifely purposes but for answering the pressing necessities of circumstances. It means that, everybody is not permitted to practice polygamy as and when wishes.

   Those critics, who blindly hits Islam should answer the questions as to what should be done practically, when the circumstances are born in which Islam allows polygamy. Psychological studies say that some men show over sexuality. These sexual inclinations of them are so intensive and explosive that, they cannot be self-controlled during the time of wife’s menses and delivery. Sexual intercourse during the time of pregnancy is a Herculean task. So, in these critical junctures, these bulls may peep into, and bed with others illegally. This has been proved by William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx, Bertrand Russel and Bill Clinton. Leading stories of sexual assaults by political leaders are intermittently brought out. All these unanimously cry out that, some alternative measures should be there. Rationalists and socialists suggest prostitution. Islam suggests marrying another one also, provided he is financially sound to look after her. The verse consenting polygamy should be read carefully.

   And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan- girls then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (the slaves)that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice’ (Holy Qur’an 4: 3).

   In case, a wife is proved to be impotent, the next norm that can be suggested by the adversaries of polygamy is to divorce her. Islam advises to marry another one also keeping the first as his wife considering both equally. In case, a wife is proved to be infertile and he is impatient to be fathered as usual. To command him to keep a fruitless life is a punishment without an offence. Having only one birth in this world this cruel suggestion will put him in the hell of utter dejection. What can he do? Christian priests and materialist saints are deaf and dump before this issue. In case, a wife falls seriously ill? She is a motionless dead body, except that she breathes. Doctors totally ignore the least hope of curing. What should he do? Islam says to him to marry another one protecting the first duly. Others stand hypnotized in case, women increased than the balanced proportion of men, due to either natural setting or to extraordinary events such as wars or accidents in factories or mines. In the Second World War, 5 millions of men were killed in Germany. The outcome was that 5 millions widows were born. Years after, they help processions demanding husbands. Most of them went astray from the moral framework.

   It has already been emphasized that, polygamy is a special provision to meet a particular condition. Islam protects these redundant widows under the loving roofs of a husband in these circumstances. It can be avowedly stated that such widows with orphans would be ten times prepared to be a second wife than to be thrown in to the rough waste bin of life, or living as ‘flesh merchants’ being addressed as whores or harlots. Islam solves the problem the better, creating no chance for brothels but others look puzzled.



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