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The spring comes again


                                       The holy Rabi al-Awwal made the believers excited too much. This is only by the cause that the month witnessed for the holy birth of our beloved Messenger, the mercy of the entire world (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). How can but be happy!


Oh, our beloved! You came to the world by unleashing all sorts of compassionate approaches to all the creations. Your father could not join in the pleasant moments of your family while your birth....? But... the universe is witnessed to a plenty of wonderful events during your birth blessed with the presence of stainless angles..... ! The historical books have chanted to us that Allah celebrated the holy birth of his beloved with the eventful aspects.....


Oh! Messenger! You followed a conditioned life style of good behavior, admirable conduct, honesty and son on. Accordingly, the people of Arabia, called you ‘Al – Ameen’ (the most honesty). When you were a boy of six year old, your loving mother passed away from this mortal world leaving you in isolation.... Even having a lot of grand children, your grand father showed his affection and compassion only to you, the orphan in all aspects. We could understand from the pages of history that the grandfather did so as getting a foresight on your prophethood.

Oh truthful Messenger! There in Arabia, your presence became the panacea for all problems, a consolation to down trodden, a shelter to orphans, a protection to the abandoned. Your mind wallowed in sorrow while you saw the cultureless attitude of Arabians and you raised your hands to the God for getting changes to the society. Being worried of the situation, you lonely climbed the ‘Mountain of Light’ and indulged in the cave of Hira on devotion.  

The loving Prophet! When you completed your forty years, the angel Jibreel (Blessing of Allah be upon him) came to you for entrusting a great mission. Fearing too much in the seriousness of the matter, you wrapped your body with a blanket and after getting confidence and self courage you got up from the mood of the wrapping... But all these are histories... Here we could not forget your affectionate wife Khadeeja(May Allah Please with her) who consoled you with her words of courage and self confidence.

Oh Prophet! When you invited your family members to gather in the Valley of ‘Safa’, they gathered with more gladness. That time, they were very eager to hear from you, the most honest. You proclaimed before them “Worship the Almighty alone and agree me as His Prophet”. But your preaching irritated them. Your paternal brother Abu Lahab, shouted angrily to you “Oh Muhammad! All curse upon you, you summoned us merely for this? Ironically, Allah wrapped Abu Lahab with all cursing.

Oh our Leader! It is beyond the measure that the horrible difficulties you have suffered during the propagation of Islam. Thus you went to ‘Taif’ expecting the help of your uncles. But they arranged the stone pelting, teasing commands and unpleasant approaches for you.  By the order of Allah, the Angel Jibreel (Blessing of Allah be upon him) came to you for your permission to ruin them all. Giving no mind to the permission, you liked the acceptance of Islam from any one of them than the destruction. Here we saw the fathomless wideness of your compassionate mind.

Oh Prophet! How can your lovers forget those days on which you suffered more difficulties, when you stayed in the house of ‘Arqam’ with a few followers?

Crossing the mountain and deserts, you entered in ‘Yathrib’ through ‘Saniyyath al wida’ (the valley of Saniyya). There the inhabitants warm welcomed you with singing the lines “Thala’al Badru...... Even today, those lines have been flowing from the lips of prophetic lovers. There in Madeena, you lived more peacefully and gladly for ten years. Our minds rush to the raptures when we remembered your eventful life there that you could string together the alienated minds, brought the helpless, who were plunged in the filthy of sins, in to the glittering sea shore of peace and calmness and your hands became the soothing wings to the downtrodden, the destitutes and the orphans.

Oh the compassionate Prophet! By having nothing for food and dress, the poor, who were countless, came to you for help from the remote corners of holy Madeena and other distant places. Worrying over their heartrending sorrows, your mind plunged in gloom. Understanding your heart beats, your sincere Companions strived every nerve for completing their needs. As seeing this, you became very happy and praised the God, but in other hand, you were struggling with starvation at most of the days. Oh! as we remember it, our both eyes fill with tears.

Oh our beloved! You used to lie down on the palm leaves, but now we are feeble to forget that sorts of meek lessons from your life style. Oh! How many animals witnessed to your compassionate touch! You raised your voice for the right of a Camel which came to you crying over the starvation, you got furious to your followers who burned the ants, you accused the person who brought the baby birds to your presence and you cut the part of your blanket on which a kitten was sleeping without showing any nuisance to its rest. But today, some of your community has not even the mere understanding of the date palm ‘Mimber’ (the podium) which cried not for getting your splendid touch.

Oh dear Prophet! A number of your followers sacrificed their lives in the battle fields like ‘Badr’, ‘Uhd’ and so on for the existence of our true religion Islam. How can we forget Fathima, your dearest daughter, who ran to the valley of ‘Uhd’ for treating you while you were injured by breaking your front tooth and wounding on fore head?  We are wishing that Bush and Sharon should accept your method that your compassionate approach even towards the enemies in the battle field.

Oh our beloved! Without any bar, the true religion spread out from the soil of holy Madeena to the different parts of the world within a shot span. Thus, the day of ‘the Triumph of Makkah’ you conquered the holy Makkah accompanying with thousands of your followers. The enemies, who were unleashing the endless assaultings against you, knelt before you being feeble to do anything. But you showed the unparalleled mercy to them. Here, no one but you can only do such a scarification.

Oh the honest Prophet! With the short span of 23 years, you made the ignorant people as most innocent and illuminated personalities. When you gave indication to your departure from the material world, they could not control their flowing tears.

Oh Habeeb! As you born here, you aught to die once, aren’t you.....? But it is a great gloom to your lovers that to say the condition, hear it and write it with their hands.

The Angel Azraeel (Blessing of Allah be upon him) tried his best for making smooth the catching of your soul...... on even that time, you thought for our own sake.... How shall we forget you? ..... The prophet! We are unlucky enough to get no chance to see your beautiful face that glowed than the Moon. Those, who once saw your face, never ready to depart from your presence; a lot of pious lovers got the golden chance to see your face in their dreams. Hence, here we wish to become our ‘Salath’ and eulogium as cause to see your face even if in our dreams.

Oh the intercessor of community! We only desire your love and pleasure. Because, on the time of the great trail on the doom’s day, all prophets express their helpless before us but only you prostrate before the Almighty for the recommendation and you will give us the water from the ‘Lake of Kauther’. So, we will impart the melodious praising songs and eulogia to the next generation also. We should keep our reluctant minds towards those who see it as a new custom. We are ever- ready to make our days and nights flourish with your eulogium. Oh our beloved! May you give us your intersession and the water of Kauthar.

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