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The vision of Jeelani


                                       The holy birth of sheik Abdul Qadir Jeelani took place while the Muslim community confronted with more crises. During the age, Assassin, the fanatics, were massacring their counter part in the name of religion. In other hand, the Christians wrecked havoc on community. Consequently, most of believers lost their lives. Understanding the pathetic condition of Muslim community, the Sheik came to the front. Through the spiritual guidance from the great pious and his Usthad Sheik Ahmed (May Allah Mercy upon him), he indulged in purifying his own soul. Through the harder spiritual experiment he possessed the mysterious knowledge (Ilmul Gaib) and thus he became the renaissance leader of Muslim community. A number of believers rushed to his presence to quench their spiritual thirst. His charismatic personality and the ability in inspiring speech help him to heap up the students. It was on his 51st ages that he entered in matrimonial life.


His vision
The most prominent book of Sheik Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon him) was Futuh al-Ghaib (Revelations of the Unseen) consisting of eighty moral teachings. In fact this work contains his preachings conducted in different occasions. As a crystal clear, we can grasp the pathetic condition of those days Muslim community. Sheik Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon him) highlights the points that nobody can enjoy the perfect peace and calmness unless he controls his whims and fancies. The Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) taught the believers that the starvation and life’s entangles are the ways to acquire the tremendous success in human life. 
He seriously advised them the prominence of firming unflinching belief in the almighty.  He made them aware of indulging in a God-fearing life style, in the light of Quranic word “Remember me then I will remember you”.  Express your gratitude to me not ingratitude.  The sheik’s advice extends as follows.  “You should not commit the felony against the God and His creations with your might and wealth. Your minds, words and actions should be dedicated for the sake of the All- knowing Allah”.  He continues that “Your tongue is Muslim but not your heart, your word is Muslim but not your action, externally you are Muslim but in secret you are not.  You perform the praying, fasting and other all virtues only for showing others.  That is why, you should repent for your sins and turn all your deeds to the Almighty alone”. The Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) proclaimed in a serious manner that to seek shelter in the Almighty. It is necessary to abandon all things without the God Allah. In his view, one should get ready to demolish all relations that built for pleasing the creation; he should abandon all material belongings for the sake of Allah.  The Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) says: This material world is an ocean and your belief is the ship which running on this ocean.  Its captain is your virtues. Hence you should get ready to stride the ordeals with your staunch belief and to hug the light abandoning the utter darkness. 
Sheik Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon him) demonstrates his disciples on the precisions which needs for meditating in loneliness. While one meditates to the God then the God will be with him so the meditation should be done for him. 
The seeker for the presence of Allah needs the help of guidance (a Sheik).  In fact, the earth is the foot step of great pious people and you should be the soil of it.  The Sheik’s advice is that you should cling to the doors of great scholars for driving away all things without the Almighty from your heart. 
The Sheikh cites Islam the religion as the foundation of human life. The testimonial statements (the two Kalima of Shahadha) should be built on this foundation. But, in fact, the man couldn’t show the justice to these statements, he says with his tongue that there is no any God without Allah, but in the same time, he keeps a lot of gods in his mind and these gods are his whims and fancies. Accordingly, he frightens the rulers. Most of the people believe in their own whims and fancies not in the real God. But they often say that they believe in Allah and their tongues chant the supplications of the God. Sadly enough, when they are advised these facts they become angry and say that we are also Muslims.
The belief should be attached with the heart not with the external parts of body. If one does so, he is the real believer. He is the righteous person and the very cautious man. You must chant ‘Lailaha Illallah’ with your heart firstly then with your tongue and should preserve your external body with ‘Shareath’ and your heart with Haqeeqath’.
Here a lot of people can do the virtues but no one but the honest people can avoid the sins and stains. They forsake both the big and small sins. If they sharpen the edges of their cautiousness, they will be able to abstain from sinful life style. They allocated their entire night time for praising the God.  Consequently, he becomes the owner of a number of extra ordinary abilities. Moreover, the All-knowing Allah will wrap him with his measureless blessings. In fact, the Sheik’s vision is to purify his actions with the belief. 
Look! How the Sheik invites his disciples’ attention to the life of the holy Messenger (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him).  Here, Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) asks some questions that why don’t you aware of these facts so far?  Why can’t you spend your wealth to the needy? In his life, the Messenger (PBH) used to distribute the alms with his own hands. In spit of doing nothing like these, you say that I am a follower of the Messenger (PBH).  If you don’t be ready to follow the Islamic law then you are not a real Muslim. The Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) continues that “you should perform the fasting; when you break the fasting, contribute from your food to the poor. The poverty must swallow him who turns his blind eyes towards the starving people. If you fulfill your belly, while your neighbor confronting with starvation, then, you are not a real believer. In nut shell, if you conceal your wealth without giving the needy, definitely you will also be like him tomorrow”.
Sheik Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon him) expressed an accurate perception on the fate and the freedom of thought. The Sheik advises that not to be disappointed dedicating every thing to the fate.  You never say that Allah alone is responsible to the doings of human beings and as like, you don’t say that people create all their actions. In fact, the actions of human belong to the God in the name of creation. But the man is responsible for all his doings which he possessed from His creation. Almighty Allah is the great and most praise worthy. He connected the people with their actions. Allah enters the man to the heaven in accordance with man’s activities on the earth. But the acceptance of his all activities comes under the kindness of the God. As we know, it is Allah who created both the virtue and sin. But it is the human beings who are the responsible for their sinful doings. As the Prophet Ibrahim (Blessing of Allah upon him) said: “Oh idols! Allah created you all. But your worshipers of you should be punished for worshiping you”. Sheik Jeelani (May Allah Mercy upon him) sees the poverty and self scarification as a panacea for succeeding the experiments of the God Allah as like as the prophets of Allah suffered a lot.    

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