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The Jeelani Day


                                       The believers are going to observe the death anniversary of Master, the Sultan of the Awliya' of Allah, al-Ghawth al-A'zam Shaikh Muhyi'din Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, al-Hasani, al-Husaini (May Allah perfume his resting place). He is considered as a most venerable personality by the Muslim community after the Messenger (Peace and Blessing of Allah upon him), his Companions and the four Imams of Islamic Jurisprudence. In fact, to celebrate the birthday of pious people or observe their death anniversary is an inevitable part of showing our veneration to them.


Auliya (awlia) is an Arabic word usually translated as friend, helper, supporter or protector. It's often used to designate the status of a saint. The Auliya of Allah are those people who reached on the pinnacle of nobility with their self scarification, self control and well protected life style. The entrustment of the prophets for propagating Islam faced the end by the arrival of last Messenger. Accordingly, after the prophets, the Au’liya undertook the responsibility of protecting the religion Islam. Carrying out their mission without any fault, they are striving every nerve to keep the halo of Islam sparkled.


The Almighty explains in a Hadith ‘Qudsi’ that who ever comes close to me in a single span, I will close to him in a length of forearm, I will become his hands, legs and eyes (it means that the Almighty will give the supernatural powers to the parts of his body). This Hadîth points out the extraordinary powers of the Aulya. Above all, the history has witnessed to a number of extraordinary activities (Karamaths) of Auliya as like the supernatural activities (Mua’jizath) of Prophets. It is a human nature that to express respect on any noble things. As we know, the Almighty ordered to the believers to give respect whichever He respects. Hence, it is necessary to show our veneration towards Auliya for completing the perfection of our belief. Sadly enough, now a days this veneration has been misinterpreted by the some. The lion share of Muslim community considers the veneration to Auliya as a religious and virtuous deed. But, some people observe only some rituals in the name of respecting the Auliya and they turn their reluctant mind towards the life style of Auliya. in fact, they consider the rituals like ‘Quthubiyyath’, Moulids and Rathibs as only the veneration process to the Auliya, in short, they should have to understand that the real respect to Auliya is to follow their paces in the material life.

It is very important to note that some people bear in mind a misunderstanding about Auliya. In their view, the Auliya has been entrusted only for curing the patience or consoling the entangling of human life. Here we should give more prominence to their propagating activities despite they have done the services like curing and consoling the people. Taking advantage of this misconception, today many so called Auliya have been appearing in the society. The public consider them as great Auliya in accordance with witnessing some artificial tricks and abilities from them. Hence, we should be more attentive to spread the admirable activities of Auliya such as their purification activities and propagating services other than their extra ordinary powers to the public. Today, the technical words like ‘Thareeqath’ Sheikh, Mureed, Tharbiyyath and so on have been misunderstood more vaguely. So it is necessary to make an elaborate study on these words. That is why, understanding the relevance of this subject, we decided to add the detailed study on the pure Thareeqath and the fake one in to our website. Hence we humbly request the visitors to co–operate us by adding many friends to the mailing list and sending the articles to them. The Almighty Allah may accept our all deeds.

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