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The last moments of Sheikh Jeelani


                                       Sheik Abdul Quadir (May Allah Mercy upon him) was born in AH 471 and his demise was on AH 561 (in his 91st age). When the Sheik reached in Baghdad, he was 18th year old. Within a short span of time, he became an illustrious scholar and great saint after facing a number of sacrifices. It is very clear that in every stages of his life, the Sheikh followed the foot prints of the Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). When he came forward to circulate the divine message (Islam), he faced a lot of hardships and sacrifices.

Eventually, draping over the material life, he was at his death’s door. He became bedridden. The Sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him) called all his children near and gave them last advises. Meanwhile, with a poignant mind, his son Abdul wahhab (May Allah Mercy upon him) requested: Oh our beloved father! Suggest us the doings we have to do after your demise,?


Then he replied: worship the God with an utmost sincerity, don’t fear other than Allah, expect every thing from Him only, dedicate yourself upon him alone, because He is the ultimate centre of everything, seek shelter from him, your all dedication is only to Him and understand that the core part of everything is his oneness.
Gradually, the moments of death reached very near to the sheik (May Allah Mercy upon him). He said to his sons: in fact, you are very far me. I am only externally with you but internally with others. Now, some without you arrived in my presence. You should make the room comfort for them. Yes, the ‘rahmath’ appears here in its expanded manner. You shouldn’t make any difficult to them. Alaikumussalam varahmathullahi vabarakathuhu…..The great forgiveness of the Almighty may get to me and you and the Lord may accept my repentance and yours too. After it, he indulged in prayers and supplications in full of a day. Meanwhile, he said: what you know! I don’t care any angel of the God whether it is the angel of death. For, it is the Almighty who undertook my affaires, then, for what I fear one without Him!
Sheikh Abdu Razaq and Sheikh Moosa, his dear sons, remember: during his departing time, the Sheikh said, raising his both hands: va alaikumussalam va rah mathullahi vabarakathuhu…. You should return to the Almighty; stand in first line during his judgment day. The distance between me and you is like as that between earth and heaven. At any way, you don’t disturb me. Then Sheikh Abdul Azeez requested him: dear father! Now which kind of pain and situation are you confronting with? Sheikh replied: don’t ask me anything now. I am circling in the halo of Allah’s knowledge. Soon after, Abdul Azeez asked again: father! Which kind of illness have you got? As a reply to him, he said: there is none who knows my illness. Although the God declared a fate, nothing would decrease his knowledge. All fates can be subjected to change but the knowledge never gets any change. Allah is able to erase anything he wants. Although none of us can question him, everybody must be questioned by Him.
 At the moment, Abdul Jabbar, his son, requested: father! Which kind of pain your body suffers from? He replied: oh my son! Each part of my body is wriggling with uncontrollable pain. But my heart alone left from the vulgar pain. My heart doesn’t have any pain. That is enjoying with the presence of the Almighty.

In nutshell, the Sheikh (May Allah Mercy upon him) was withdrawing in to the cocoon of the fate, the demise. Making out the arrival of his death, the Sheikh said: I seek help from the Almighty alone. There is no God without Him for worshiping. He is the most pure and the great. La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadu Rasoolullah… His son Sheikh Moosa says: in his last moment, my father repeated the above chanting. Gradually his sound became more serious. Eventually, his sound became only the word Allah…Allah...Allah...In due course, his sound slowly came to the end. His blessed soul soared in to the presence of the most high. May Allah Mercy upon him.


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