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  img_article Can we accept Jewism as a religion? Never, Why? Because, they do not encourage conversion in to their religion. Religion is meant for humans. All human beings should be considered as human beings. If a religion is to save humanity, all humans have to be saved. If a religion has a tendency to neglect some people with disgust and to try to save some others, it can not be called a religion. The system of life for the people of 12 tribes which spread vast in 12 sons of Israel (Ya-aqub (May Allah Mercy upon him) became known as Jewism.
But Moses' theories or teachings were not called Jewism because he had propagated his ideas to non-Israelite tribes such as qibiti, the tribe of pharaohs and his followers. It means that 'Moses' religion was the path of salvation not only to Israelites but also to qibtis. Moses religion preached that other classes of people
(those who do not belong to Israelites and qibtis) had got their teachings from other prophets.

Due to the possibility of the arrival of the prophets assigned to themselves those sects of people did not come under the reign of Moses. But modern Israelites can not reject safety or salvation to non Israelites because at present they are not able to point to any possibility of a prophet to preach people other than Israelites. So, if Jewism had been the right religion, it should have brought all human beings within its purview or it should have been a religion to all. If Jewism includes saving all human race on their agenda, it automatically loses its identity. Because the term 'Jewism' itself limits this religion to Israelites alone.

In short, a person outside Jewish race can not join this religion. That is why they don't propagate their religion or print or publish the copies of their Holy book (Tora) world wide. Jewish mind and world are too narrow. For them, 'promised land is the important place. Other places, areas or humans they do not care about. Earth quakes or floods do not worry them. In the next world, any people who do not belong to Jewish race should not be allowed to enter heaven. They are ready to share heaven to none, not even to those who are ready to embrace Jewism. If anybody joins Jewism and thus reaches heaven an original Jew loses that much space there? May be Jews do not allow other human races to get into the Heaven. That much narrow is Jewish mind. The same mentality with which views have been keeping Palestine people away from their homeland by invasion or intrusion. The sum total of this lack of a universal view is called Jewism. As some understood, it is not the collection of the teachings of Moses. Though Moses had been a prophet assigned to Israelites, he had a perfect view of the whole universe, and human kind. So his religion was certainly the right one. Any theory which neglects even a small minority can not be called a right and proper religion. Even though Abraham had been a prophet appointed to a particular area or a race, he had also propagated the path of salvation to other classes of people. For instance, the people of 'sadhoom' regions were not within the purview of his propagatory works. Still he used to ask them to reach heaven by following the principles of the prophet Looth (A). Same was the way of Moses' propagation. According to Jews, non-Israelites are created not to enter heaven but to go to hell. So, they say non Israelites do not have any prophets to lead them. They do not like other people sticking to their prophet. Do we need a religion to point only towards hell? If a religion doesn't guide us to heaven, it is never a religion. Therefore, Jewism doesn't deserve the name 'religion'. It can be called a royal family reservation manual. That means the question, who is to be worshipped 'or what are the practices to be observed need not be discussed in this religion. Why should we examine the logic or rationality of a theory which doesn't cover the whole human race? Why should we discuss the limited tribal rules recorded on Palmyra leaves by a certain small tribe? When Jewish population multiplied in Cochin, there came the phrases the white Jew and the black Jew. It is a proof for their ethnic hatred. Some of the Jews, who were scattered in different parts of the world when they were thrown out of Jerusalem reached Kerala in the first century itself. They were whites. But the children born to them were black. When they formed nation of their own (Israel) the scattered Jews were brought to that nation, But, it is said that the black Jews who went to Israel were sent back because a Jew never becomes 'black' under any pretext. In that religion, there is no space for outsiders. So, no serious concern is needed in its case especially when we discuss the question of which religion? But even an Israelite has to examine whether he can remain in this religion or not. If he realizes that there is no scope for all human beings to escape through Jewism, he has to come out of it, if he is intelligent.

Jews like to be known as Israelites, not as Jews. That was the purpose behind their naming the intruded or invaded land as Israel. Holy Qur'an has referred to them children of Israel' is also quoted often.

Jewism is a religion based on ethnic adversity. Only the people, who belong to a particular race (i.e. Israelites) have memberships in it. They always hold up a 'no entry board' to other people. If you are not an Israelite, even if you are ready to embrace Jewism, you can not enter heaven which has been created exclusively for them. There is no admission to heaven, if you are not an Israelite.

"Tell, If the next word is exclusively reserved for thee and not for others, Thou, long for death if thou are honest in thy words' (H. Qur'an 2:94).

From these words of challenge, we can grasp their belief. Jews do not try to convert others to their religion because it doesn't admit outsiders.

As per 3:24, Jews have a tendency to be more and more violent. They think if they do not exhibit their strength and valour, it would belittle them. They believe that 'Israel' is a name Yacob got for his valiant duel with God and humans. They think that they should pretend to be strong because they are the children of a strong wrestler. So, they killed Shaik Ahmed Yaseen in a missile attack on his way back from a mosque after his morning prayer. How mean is it to kill an aged and disabled person in such a condition? Yes, that such ruthless fellow an Israelite is! It is for their merciless and over prouded behaviour that they are seen insulted and abused throughout the history. They believe that, after lying in hell just for a short while, they can escape from there. (3:24)

Jews and Christians have a tendency to read scriptures in two ways; one, according to their rules of recitation and the other, just the opposite. (2:121)

Apart from mentioning about disobedience and mistakes in reading scriptures are emphasized here. "They twist their tongues while reading the holy books. Their purpose is to mislead to some other idea which it does not actually mean"

"Among them, there are those, who play with the words (twist their tongues) of the scriptures. It is for you to misunderstand that their words are from the scriptures. They are not from the scriptures. They will say that those are from Allah. But those are not from Allah. They are deliberately lying on Allah. (3:78)

Tell those who misinterpret Quranic sentences by saying that there are instructions in it to embrace Jewism or Christianity.

"If you surrender yourself to the interests of Christians and Jews (even after the knowledge sent to you) no savior or helper is going to come to save you from the punishment of Allah." (2: 120) Jesus is an Israelite, that is, one of the children of Yacob. So, he too has to take part in the pledge yacob asked his children to take. See 2:133.

There are some more religions (besides Hinduism and Christians) such as Buddhism and Jainism. But those do not have a large number of followers due to their lack of logic and various other reasons. So, we need not analyze them in detail. Still, we certainly have to find out a one word answer to the question of 'which religion' Yes. Religion of nature is the only reply which we get as admirable to our intelligence. Man should accept the religion which suits our commonsense or which agrees with our intelligence.

We have seen that Hinduism mocks at our intelligence and common sense. So, that can not be called a religion of nature. What about Christianity? With its dull perspective of irrational application of divinity to Jesus, it too has to be discarded. Jewism which does not have a universal view of this world or the next world cannot also be accepted. Buddhism, Jainism or Persian religion never correspond with nature or rationality. Then, which is the religion of nature? Is there such a religion? Of course, because it cannot be otherwise, for, human beings never can exist without a religion. So there must be a religion which agrees to our intelligence. Which is that?
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