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  img_article Is Christianity a religion? We know that religion means the faith in the existence of the creator of the universe and practices which follow that faith. In that respect, Christianity is not a religion because they regard Jesus as the son of God and perform practices which follow that faith. Jesus was born after the creation of the universe. So, Jesus was not present to create the universe. Christianity, instead of worshipping the creator of the universe, is offering prayers to a person came after the universe. A Christian says Jesus deserves the right to receive the worships offered by the believes today, but what about his right in the case of the offerings of the people in BC years? There Christians fail to make an effective answer. There should not be any time limit for the right of being worshipped.  
When Christians fail to prove that Jesus is the power which has the right to receive the prayers of all classes of people from the time of first human being till the day of Judgment, they unknowingly agree that Jesus is not the God or the power which deserves worship. So, Christianity, as it worships a centre other than the God, (Christ) cannot be called a religion. This problem finds a solution, when the following questions are asked by a Christian to himself. Whom would I have worshipped, had I lived at a time before the Christ? May be he will find an answer i.e. 'The creator of the universe" One more question! "Weren't those who lived before Christ the people who worshipped the creator of the world? Are they safe even though they have missed the savior? Or did they go to hell. for they couldn't worship, the so called savior of humanity? The reply may be "they too are saved" In spite of their failure to worship Jesus, they enter heaven. Doesn't it mean that it was they who worshipped the right power? Or the only right thing to be done was to worship the creator of the world?

Worshiping anything or anybody other than the creator is wrong. Jesus didn't exist at the time of the creation of the universe: the creation of Jesus who came only after certain other creations. If a Christian can worship Jesus, he can certainly worship anything came after the creation of the universe. He can worship the pope, his own mother or father. A Christian cannot count them to be their creator due to short coming. If he counts it so, the same short coming remains in Jesus too. A few more questions are to be answered by Christians.

1. Does a Christian offer worships to Jehovah and Jesus separately?

2. Doesn't he offer any worship to Jehovah? Does he worship Jesus alone?

3. Why doesn't he pay any worship to Jehovah?

4. Whom did Jesus worship? Did he worship himself or Jehovah? Or did he remain without any worship to anybody?

5. Was it Jehovah himself appeared as Jesus?

6. If so, does Jesus have to offer worships?

7. Had it been Jehovah who was born as Jesus? Didn't anyone worship him before his birth as Jesus? If no, why is he worshipped after his birth?

8. If it was Jehovah himself who came as Jesus on earth, who managed the running of the universe till his return? Did he engage in creating births and deaths, floods and earth quakes, even while he was walking along the streets of Nasarath and Galilio?

9. Was Jesus responsible for those floods or earth quakes? If not, who was responsible for them?

10. If you say that Jehovah is responsible for them, aren't you actually agreeing to the point that Jehovah and Jesus are not the same but two.

11. If they are two, who should prayers be offered to? To Jehovah or Jesus or to both?

12. If it was Jehovah himself who came as Jesus, what is the condition of Jehovah after his withdrawal from earth? If your answer is that he receded to the former position, should we believe that Jesus again became Jehovah?

13. If Jesus with his disappearance, withdrew himself to his former 'self' of Jehovah isn't it a fact that Jehovah alone exists now? If it is so, at present Jesus does not exist, then why there is that much fuss about Jesus?

14. If it was Jehovah himself who came, as Jesus and later returned to his own self, won't he be able to do it again? If he would transform himself as baby Jesus, why not a transformation to Baby Vargeese?

15. Again, if Christians say that it was not Jehovah, but his word, that appeared as Jesus. There comes another doubt. Where should we offer our worships to? To Jehovah or to his word. Does the word deserve our worship?

16. What does it mean when Jesus is said to be Jehovah's word? Was it Jehovah's power of speech that shaped into 'Jesus'? If so, was Jehovah unable to speak when Jesus lived on earth?

17. If it means that Jesus was born at the order (word) of Jehovah, wasn't the same order responsible and true in the case of Adam and Eve? Then why doesn't a Christian worship them?

18. Is Jesus Jehovah's own 'self' or is he at least a part of 'Jehovah'? Isn't he one of the creations of Jehovah?

19. If Jesus is only a part of "Jehovah's 'self' can we conclude that only a part of Jehovah separated from his body or 'self'? Is that part of Jehovah's body 'blank' still? Hasn't it been filled with even now?

20. If it has been filled with, what material has been used for it?

21. If not, does Jehovah, still exist with this deformity?

22. What do Christians mean when they call Jesus as God's son? Doesn't it mean a little of Jehovah's 'self' or the one near and dear to him?

23. If Jesus is the creation of Jehovah, why should we worship a creation?

24. If Christians say they worship not Jesus but Jehovah alone, why don't they declare that no God except Jehovah exists to deserve their worship?

25. If a Christian shouts the slogan that 'no God except Jehovah exists' he should be ready to avoid his offerings or worships falling on some other objects. So, as a precautionary measure he has to remove the pictures of Jesus and Mary from his home, church or nunnery or convent. When such pictures are installed, those will have to be worshipped.

26. Once he is ready to shout Jehovah as the only worshipped to be, he has to advance towards the next step. ie.. to look there for a proof for the practices supposed to be followed by a Christian throughout his life. Is there any evidence to prove that Jesus has instructed (except that of St. Mathew, Lueas, Marcose, Yohanan or other apostles) any certain practices? Was anything sent down to Jesus or dictated by Jesus to be recorded?

27. If such an evidence was available, what happened to it? Which is that evidence?

28. If not available, is it suitable for a Christian to stick himself to the available ones written by Mathew, Lucas or Marcose? Shouldn't he free himself from the clutches of such writings?

29. Do those writings of Mathew, Lucas and others agree to the idea that Jesus is only a creation of Jehovah and not 'His own self' nor 'a part of Himself' (son)? Can they do so?

If a Christian realizes that the above said writings of Mathew and other apostles, instead of depicting Jesus as the creation of Jehovah, tend to present him as the 'self' or part of the self of Jehovah, shouldn't he discard those writings?

Yes the only thing a Christian has to do is to reject the Bible versions which are known as Holy scriptures today. He has to search for the existence of any rituals to support the faith that no god but Jehovah alone exists to receive human worships and thus, he has to lead a life prepared with regard to that faith or path.
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